Self Care: Knowing When To Turn Down

Words by: Journey’s Online Editor, Qiyah Lanier Freshmen rack their brains about colored coordinated bathroom caddies and class schedules when prepping for college, however the most important aspect of Self-care is what most college students tend leave on the back burner. In order to stay sane here are some self-care tips to take care of […]

What to Look for in a Weight Gain Supplement

Words by: Victor Jones Gaining weight in college can be an experience students often dread. People gain weight for a number of reasons whether it be due to stress, the “freshman 15”, or for personal preference. Everybody’s body is different and some cannot gain weight because of their high metabolism or other factors that may […]

How to Properly Cleanse Your Face

Words by: Victor Jones Regardless of the current state of your skin, proper facial cleansing routines are necessary to ensure a healthier skin feel and appeal. It is important for students to understand that facial cleansing should happen at least two times a day, morning and night. Active college students expose themselves to many germs […]

How to Properly Apply Different Forms of Foundation

Words by: Victor Jones     Just like music, makeup is a universal language that many people around the world speak, especially here at Florida A&M University. Makeup not only allows people to showcase their creative skills, but to use makeup in ways that can benefit them professionally and for everyday use. It is important […]

So, You Want to Become A Journalist?

Words by: Kishanda L. Burns   Are you interested in sports? What about the media industry? Or even news in general? Look no further, class of 2021. The School of Journalism and Graphic Communications (SJGC) is the right place to be! You’re probably wondering how could you get involved when you’re only a freshman, have […]

The Younger Poet Series Shines At FAMU

Words by: Mikaya Kelly   On Thursday Oct. 5, Florida A&M University had the pleasure of hosting the Younger Poets Series featuring Eve L. Ewing and Hanif Abdurraqib in the Lecture Hall of the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication. The event was put together by the Department of English and Modern Languages College of […]

What the Ladies Want

Words by: Shaya Chamorro Kaja Hall working on a Saturday morning Photo by: Shaya Chamorro The right shoe can change a woman’s life, and Anthony Castro is assuring this in Tallahassee. Castro, a 29-year-old Miami native, opened the women’s shoe store called Pink Shoe Bag in July of  2015 on Gaines Street. “Before opening my […]

Celebrating Inclusiveness With Fenty Beauty.

Words by: Stephanie Chioma   Photo by: Stephanie Chioma Odokpa-Davis Since Rihanna has launched her “Fenty” brand, it has been a crowd pleaser. From the trendsetting shoes and clothes, everyone is definitely “loving the Fenty”. If you were able to get your hands on them, you are lucky because it usually sells out in MINUTES! […]

Insecurities Are A Stop on the Road to Confidence

Words by: Nichelle Cobb   Comedic Actor Bob Saget once said “My confidence waivers between being genuine and being insecure.” There is as status quo in society that individuals are to live their lives as confident human beings, in order to be successful. Women, especially are frowned upon for not exemplifying confidence and wearing their […]

Being Vegan in 2017

Words by: Raven Gaines   Everyday more and more people are becoming vegans in today’s society. Different studies are showing Industrial animal Agriculture is one of the largest drivers for some pretty serious environmental issues. More than 20% of Americans are keeping meat off their plates. Kassidy Sharpe, a 21- year-old Majoring in Food Science […]