Gender Fluidity: Breaking Barriers?

By| Javon Cohen   Gender Fluidity got its first wake up call when it was introduced in fashion industry that caused a shift toward a gender-fluid society. But how does this conception trickle down to becoming the norm on a college campus and its influences on how people chooses to dress. Is Gender fluidity something that […]

Conversation and Social Media

By| Lauren Coleman   Language and conversation change as generations grows, we speak in broken words and sometimes what we say is unidentifiable. You walk past a group of middle school kids cursing trying figure out how did they learn this. You continue about your day and speak to your friends in the same manner […]

Conquering colorism

Words By| Cristina Hunter The year is 2018. African-American president, Black Girl Magic is in full effect Marvel released Black Panther and people of color are standing together proudly. However, there is still an old practice within the African-American community that needs to expire, colorism. It seems hard to fathom how far we’ve come to […]

Car How To

By| Brianna Hicks With the semester ending and summer quickly approaching, the sand and beach are continually buzzing in everyone’s ear. The checklist is almost complete with the necessities to hit the road. Everyone knows someone who has ignored that light flashing on the dashboard. Do not be that person anymore- read these tips to […]

A Look Into Professors Quiet Spring Breaks

By| Ki-Jana King   Spring break is the time when many students trade in their pens and laptops for bikinis and Vodka. Friday’s 11:59 deadline is now a thing of the past and the LITTEST turn-up is the only thing that is on students minds. But has anyone ever stopped to question what do Professors […]

Redefining Love: Honey, we need to talk

By| Janai Moton   Pinky Promise was founded by Heather Lindsey in 2012. Pinky Promise is an organization that encourages women to honor God with their life and body. Whether single or married, they have women of all ages and ethnicities with one common goal: to live wholeheartedly for Jesus in every single way. “We […]

Food desert on the South Side of Tallahassee

By Nichelle Cobb Winn Dixie, Publix, and Walmart are some of the traditional places that most individuals like to do their grocery shopping at. These stores are located nine minutes or more away from FAMU’S campus; FAMU is in the heart of the south side of Tallahassee. Most residents of the south side must travel […]