Food desert on the South Side of Tallahassee

By Nichelle Cobb Winn Dixie, Publix, and Walmart are some of the traditional places that most individuals like to do their grocery shopping at. These stores are located nine minutes or more away from FAMU’S campus; FAMU is in the heart of the south side of Tallahassee. Most residents of the south side must travel […]

Suicide among the youth, don’t become forever young

By| Christina Hunter Clark Flatt was like many other parents with teenagers like his son, Jason. Jason was a normal, loving, all around 16-year-old kid. When Mr. Flatt came to speak at Florida A&M University’s campus, he didn’t come scouting out a potential college for his son. Instead he was the speaker of a Suicide […]

A Seat at the Table for Women in Radio’s Dinner

By| Carly Watson Have you ever longed for a group within your work field that understood you? A group that made your problems their own in order to benefit you? A group that planned networking events all to see you succeed? Meaghan Taylor wanted this as a female working in the radio industry. Since it […]

Images Fashion Show

By| Brianna Harmon With spring finally here, the fashion world is popping. Images Modeling Troupe held it’s spring fashion show on Saturday Feb. 3 at the FAMU Campus Recreational field in a heated tent. This year’s show was themed around the noun Anomaly, a deviation or departure from the norm or common order. “For over […]

Tally Cat Cafe

By| Carly Watson Cats and coffee make an excellent combination. That’s why Courtney Yehnert, Katie Logue and Josh Kendrick decided to create the Tally Cat Cafe. With a great love for helping cats, the trio decided a cat cafe is just what Tallahassee needed considering the high cat population. “It’s going to be a coffee […]

Switching Up

By| Jaclyn Harold   College is a rite of passage. Some people come in, and through their passing they stick with the same friends, the same dreams and the same major. That is not meant to sound like a bad thing. Those people are sure of themselves and driven by the force of certainty. For […]

Um Um Good

By| Jaclyn Harold   Weave or natural curls, you are still beautiful girl. Beauty is not determined only by what you look like on the outside, which is a cliché but it is true. “By loving myself unconditionally and embracing the way God created me. That reminds me that I am beautiful,” said Kathleen Bien-Aime, […]