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Born, Brian Gregory Thomas on October 7, 1995 to Regina and Gregory Thomas in Orlando, Florida; everyone knew music was his ultimate destiny.


Coming from a family where the entire household was musically inclined, it was almost impossible that Brian would not take head into the family’s talents.


Brian, affectionately known as ‘B’Nard,’ always had the gift of singing. He recorded his first song at the age of 15, but it was not until he got to college where he developed a real passion for it.


Thomas got the name B’Nard from “a roast session” with his high school friends, who were referencing a groovy character himself from the 2005 comedy, Roll Bounce.


The 22-year-old R&B crooner admits to having two identities when it comes to his music.


“B’Nard is the goofy party version of myself and Brian Gregory T. is the R&B sexy version.”


Thomas continued by describing his music in three words—“Crazy. Sexy. Cool.”

Just a few months back, in January, Thomas released his third solo project entitled, Heart Full of Hennessy. He expressed that the meaning behind the album was slightly deeper than his fan base imagined.

“The concept is basically that love is the most potent drink and once you get drunk off of it you’ll be drunk forever.”

Just like Chris Brown, an artist Thomas often gets compared to, B’Nard is putting in work to establish a few of his own business ventures outside of his own music.

“I am working on a project for my label, Digital Volt Entertainment. Right now there are 12 songs. That’s all I can disclose at this moment.”

This FAMU Junior is easily considered to be one of the students that this university has sprung into the world of stardom.

To listen to B’Nard’s latest project, he expressed that it is on all music streaming platforms.

“You can find Heart Full of Hennessy on all music streaming websites—Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, Google Play, Soundcloud and Pandora.”


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