By Brianna Harmon

A place to be yourself and showcase your talent was brought to Tallahassee on Friday. 

This event was held by The Journey and Ray Creative Marketing.

Founded by Matthew Stfleur, the Journey is a representation for artists who need a platform, or who have a platform and need help with their journey. 

Ray Benton Creative Director for Journey and found of  Ray Creative Marketing helped host its 2nd Intranet 2.0. 

Intranet 2.0 was held to expose the community to artists and create a platform to be creative and have fun. 

This is the second event CEO and lead manager Matthew Stfleur of Journey Management and Ray Creative Marketing have held for the Tallahassee community. 

“The purpose is to expose the community to super dope artists we are fans of, with hopes that you become fans of also,” said Matthew Stfleur

Intranet 2.0 was held at The Wilbury and provided guest with drinks, food, live performances and gave artists exposure to the Tallahassee community. 

Joshua Eichelberger hosted the event keeping the crowd hype and throwing out T-Shirts for support. 

“This was my first time hosting this event and the crowd’s energy was great and they supported each artists with great feedback,” Joshua said.  

There were a total of 8 performances some who were dj’s and others who had an actual set for the night. 

Artists like Cap 6, and Bachi left the crowd begging for more before exiting the stage.

The event had an array of sponsors to help make the event a success. 

Sponsors like Smoothie King, Elite Movers, Domi Station, The Wilbury, Cat Family Records, and Upgrade University were all major sponsors for Intranet 2.0.  

“The show was great it was a way bigger turn out then we expected and we were happy the city was ready to embrace us,” Ray Benton said. 

Featured sounds like hard core hip hop rap, auto tune pop, and christian hip hop were some of the sounds played.

People loved and received the artist with great energy and feed back. 

Sarah Jacobs an attendee came not knowing what to expect. 

“I didn’t know what the event was when I got their, but I had a great time and would love to see events more often like this around Tallahassee,” Sarah said. 

According to Ray Benton, in the future you can expect bigger venues, more shows like this and continued expansion to go big!  


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