By| Simone Williams

Donald Glover’s FX series “Atlanta” returned for its second season this past Thursday.

According to “Atlanta” producer and writer Stefani Robinson, viewers have a lot more to look forward to this season. Robinson told CNN, “I think we sort of upped the ante this season…expect a little more craziness.”

This first episode was proof of this statement, as it featured a pet alligator and an unexpected cameo from comedic legend Katt Williams.

Aptly nicknamed “Robbin’ Season,” this season continues to revolve around financial uncertainty. In Season 1, Earnest’s financial shortcomings drove him to attach himself to his cousin Albert, whose rap career was just taking off.

This opening episode establishes that Earnest is still technically homeless, and he worries that his cousins growing fame is making him more and more dispensable each day.

Whether it be an illegal side hustle, a legitimate robbery or an alleged one, money was the common motivator behind many of the characters’ actions in this episode. While observing the aftermath of a local robbery, Earnest’s friend Darrius attributes the violence to it being “robbin’ season.” He then elaborates on the concept by simply saying “Christmas approaches and everybody gotta eat.”

Many fans of the show appreciate this astute yet unenthused observation of urban life as a crucial element of Glover’s unique storytelling style. Viewers can continue to enjoy the surreal, hilarious and thought-provoking world of “Atlanta” every Thursday at 10 p.m. on FX.

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