By| Ki-Jana King

Florida A&M’s prime dining service provider, Metz, has announced a new app that allows students and faculty to order food on-the-go and avoid long waits.

The Rattler To-Go app, which launched in February, was designed specifically with students in mind. In a survey, taken last year, students expressed how the wait time at some of the dining locations were a complete inconvenience.

“As we were analyzing feedback and trying to figure out what we can do to better serve the students needs, the idea of putting in an online ordering system came about” Said Catherine Segar, Metz Marketing Manager.

The app is integrated with The FAMU Business auxiliary services and can be found in the app store or google play store under “FAMU BAS”. Once the app is downloaded customers will be asked to create a username, that’s associated with their rattler card, or will be able continue as a guest.

Segar explained that the app is currently in a beta testing phase and can only be used at the Rattler’s nest and the Presidential Dining Room. Students who eat at those locations currently experience the longest wait time, especially on fried chicken Wednesday, the busiest day of the week.

Cameron Taylor, a third year nursing student says he’s happy about the new app because getting a bite to eat and making it to class on time became quite a hassle for him.

“I would always be late to class because of the long lines for fried chicken Wednesday,” said Taylor. “I didn’t know about the app before but I’m glad I do now.”

Taylor is not the only person who doesn’t know about the app. Currently, Metz is only receiving about 40-60 orders per day compared to the hundreds of students and faculty who eat at these locations daily.

Samuel Gilkes, a third year businesses administration student, says he learned of the ordering  service through a friend and has used it sparingly.

“I don’t have a meal plan so I don’t use it as often as I would like too.” Said Gilkes “It definitely comes in handy because all of my classes are back to back, so the fact that I can place an order before I even reach there [Rattler’s Nest], is appreciated.”

Rattler To-Go allows students to order food as much as a day in advance. When you arrive to your desired dining location just walked to the front and let the cashier know that you’ve made an online order. Boom, just like that, you are in and out. But most importantly you avoided the  long line.

Metz will judge expansion needs based on the number of students who use the service. However, Metz wants to express that the online ordering benefit is not only for customers with smartphones. If you do not have a smartphone you can visit to place your order.

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