By| Christina Hunter

There have been 18 shootings since 2018 began. For students who survived the Parkland Massacre, it ends with them.

Valentine’s day, which was supposed to be a day to spread love, was instead replaced with hatred in the form of an assault rifle. Nicholas Cruz, a former student at Stoneman Douglas High School, took an AR- 15 semi-automatic rifles an killed 17 students. Regardless of his supposed mental issues; in my opinion civilians should not have access to a weapon whose main purpose is for infantry use. And the process for purchasing any type of gun should harder not easier to obtain. According to “Assault rifles were first invented during WWII, as a reaction to trench warfare and the problems of producing a more versatile rifle for the infantry.”

Why is a weapon for soldiers being purchased by civilians?

In the week following the shooting at Parkland students and their supporters marched to the capital to push for the modification of gun laws. The march was attended by hundreds of Leon High School students as well as Florida A&M and Florida State student body.

There were tears and tension. People were fed up with others, especially young people, getting killed because someone bought a weapon used for war in the school.

“I’m a college student, as a student, I don’t think any of us should fear for our lives while trying to get an education,” Elizabeth Gabor a Tallahassee Community College student. Gabor was just one of hundreds who marched to the capital to push for gun control.

“I’m not against people owning guns I think there should be a stricter process to obtain guns. With everything going on there hasn’t been any legislative reform. These shootings keep happening and the government is responsible,” said Gabor.

According to Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the law regarding buying a gun in Florida states that “the person must be 18-years of age.”

Fingerprints are not required nor is a specialized permit are issued to someone buying a gun. Nothing should be this easy to purchase. If it takes steps to register for college or buying a house, then there should be even more rigorous process when purchasing a firearm.

“That could have been me,” said Aletea Daniels who was also at the march.

“Trying to put myself in those kids shoes those parents shoes it was just overwhelming. While I am a Christian I was just tired of hearing thoughts and prayers. I want to actually do something.”

There needs to be a change. In America, we are trapped in a  cycle of a mass shootings that we follow with shock over what happened and afterthought about what could have been done. We then send our prayers and heartfelt thoughts to the victims and their families. Time passes and we forget about it. But something needs to be done. How many more deaths? How many more Sandy Hooks, Virginia Techs, or Parklands need to happen before the government and the National Rifle Association understand that a weapon with the caliber to do this much damage should not be tangible for everyone to use. We’re gunning for a change but wondering when that change will come.


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