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Words By | Javon Cohen

The Florida State University Musical Production of the “Addams Family” left a lot of smiles, chuckles and grins as the audience got to listen and watch a classic hit movie turned Broadway musical in action.


Directed by Jessica Lea Patty, an FSU Alumna and the School of Theatre, describes the musical as, “Everyone’s favorite creepy and kooky family is back in this new ghostly musical comedy.  The Addams Family is facing their biggest nightmare yet – Wednesday is getting married!”  


If you can’t get enough of the Addams, or you want to know more about the mysterious and spooky family, then these young actors will definitely keep you intrigued. The classic family is being played by Lee Ruiz and Lilianna Solum as Gomez and Morticia, Although the actors are a little older than what fans are used to, Valeria Ceballos and Zach Duncan adds their own spin to the character traits of Wednesday and Pugsley. We can’t forget about the Ariel Baron as the Grandma, Michael Pisani as Lurch and the fan favorite Uncle Fester being played by Bradley Ford Betros.


The musical performance conveys the story of all the classic characters, from the Latin flirt Gomez to the first goth girl Wednesday and so on. The most crowd applauding performance of from these characters had to come from Alec Ruiz as Gomez Addams, as he fully adopted the voice and behaviors of the character. Valeria Ceballos performances as Wednesday Addams rode the clash of the starstruck lover and hater of all good and cute. Bradley Ford Betros as Fester Addams, who’s cheerful and animated offered a great contrast from the rest of the Addams family’s ghoulish views that fans can usually expect. Yet, this is not to say there isn’t any bad casting because every member of the cast completely committed to their classical roles.


The productions of Addam’s Family by the FSU School of Theatre were a great performance because of its elaborate and creative dance numbers, costuming and just the overall of the play. The actors used every effort imaginable was put into making this show as good as it is, and I’m glad that I got to experience it personally.


Students and the community still have an opportunity to catch the Addams Family showing from now until March 4th at the Fallon Theatre at 8pm.

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