By| JonMichael Francis

On Saturday, thousands made their way to the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory Open House. Held on FSU campus in Tallahassee every February, the MagLab invites the public to spend the day at their world-class research laboratory.  

The event kicked off at the start of the morning with curious minds probing the exhibits and booths. As visitors snaked their way through the campus, many took advantage of the cutting-edge science booths to broaden their scope of science and technology.

“The event was a big deal in the community,” said Alexandra Oropallo, a senior at Lawton Chiles High School and science enthusiast. “It was a unique opportunity to see a different aspect of science that you typically don’t see in the classroom.”

Allowing for a more hands on approach to learning, the Mag Lab resources supersede much of what can be offered in traditional classrooms. From smashing objects at high velocity speeds, to playing with sea creatures through the sea conservation exhibit; Oropallo enjoyed seeing the Tallahassee science community in action.

“I thought that the facilities were incredibly unique and the event really showcased the diversity of the field of science,” said Abigail Stolp, a member in the Tallahassee community. For Stolp, science had never been her forte, but upon arriving she was surprised by how her interest was piqued.

The MagLab supports educational programming designed to excite and educate students, teachers and the general public about science, technology and the world around us.

“We are thrilled that 8,000 people came to see science and sports team up at this years Open House,” said Kristin Roberts, Public Affairs Director at the Magnetic Lab. “Kids and adults of all ages got to experience first hand how fun science, technology, engineering and math can be.” The success of this year’s event has only created excitement and buzz, and the facility is already looking forward to next year’s event.

The mission of the Mag Lab is to expand scientific literacy and to encourage interest in the pursuit of scientific studies among educators and students of all ages. Fun for the whole family, the free annual science extravaganza features more than 50 hands-on activities.

“To someone who might be hesitant about going to the next open house, I would tell them to go,” Stolp said, “There are so many different things to see, do and learn – there is no way you wont find anything fun. They have everything there from sports to robots to ice cream.”

The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory is the largest and highest-powered magnet lab in the world according to their site. Their facilities are located at 1800 E Paul Dirac Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32310.


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