By| Asia Irvin

Capital Regional Medical Center (CRMC), one of the largest patient care facilities in Leon County, hosted its New Graduate Nurse Bash on Thursday to inform graduating nursing students about the post graduate training program offered at the facility and expose them to all the units at the hospital, highlighting the center’s demand for more nurses in the Tallahassee community.

“Baby boomers are aging, and there is an increased need for nurses in our community,” said Alan Keesee, Chief Executive Officer at CRMC.

Associate recruiter Melissa Davis described the perks of the Specialty Training Apprenticeship Program (StaRN), which is a paid 14-week training based on the Essentials of Critical Care Orientation (ECCO) core curriculum designed to combine classroom instruction with hands-on clinical training working with a preceptor from the hiring facility.

According to Davis, the StaRN program is not only beneficial in providing hands-on experience, but it prepares individuals for social interactions in the hospital and guarantees employment after completing the program.

“Upon completion of the training, the newly licensed nurses are equipped with knowledge and skill set typically found in a more experienced staff nurses,” Davis said.

Ann Smith, Chief Nursing Officer at CRMC, said that the program has a high success rate and that people are more prepared for their nursing careers when they participate in nursing training programs such as the StaRN.

“The program has a phenomenal success rate of about 90 percent, and I find that many people who don’t utilize programs like these end up leaving the nursing field due to lack of preparation,” Smith said.

Jasmine Mount, who started the StaRN program in 2016 immediately after graduating from Florida A&M, recommended that all students in the nursing field get involved because the program prepared her for her nursing career.

“StaRN  helped me figure out exactly what unit was best for me and gave me all the tools for success. I would encourage everyone with a passion for nursing to become involved because this program has helped me tremendously,” said Mount.

Mount added, “Not taking advantage a program such as this is like jumping in the deep end without knowing how to swim,”

CRMC staff members encouraged individuals to get involved in the program, as the opportunity to enroll only arises twice a year in the Fall and Spring.

The bash was followed by a reception, games, and door prizes to the participants.

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