By| Aliyah Glover



Student Government Association held a senate meeting which was packed with students earlier this week. There were people standing along the walls in attendance.

“I feel that Monday’s meeting was a success, because it is SGA week and we wanted to be transparent with the student body. We had food and I think the turnout was well,”said Senate President, Rakeem Ford, a Senior Business Administration major student   

Because this semester will be considered allocating season a lot of organizations will be presenting bills to be funded and the senate must decide if these bills are worth passing. In Monday’s meeting, there were some bills passed and some tabled which caused some discrepancy on the floor between the senate chairs.

Which had to do with granting university libraries funding to build more study rooms and university counseling services funding to get a golf cart. These bills were tabled during the meeting because they were lacking important information that the senate needed to come to an agreement.

“We end up tabling these bills, not striking them but we tabled them because we wanted the senators who were presenting the bill to do a little more research,” said Taylar Hall, second year political science major also Sophomore Senator.

“Most felt that SGA shouldn’t have to pay for things dealing with the library. Us as senate leaders felt as if SGA shouldn’t have to pay for things in the library that should have already been in place by the university,” said the Tallahassee native.

Hall presented a bill herself which was the New Student Orientation bill. This bills covers the T-shirts incoming freshman receive at orientation. This bill too was tabled and Ms. Hall was asked to gather more information to see if they are able to find funding for the t-shirts possibly from another branches’ account. A decision will be made during second reading this upcoming Monday.

Damarcus Snipes a Senior Senator said, “The moral is growing, there are a lot of new faces in the senate so we are seeing a lot of growth and professionalism. I’m happy to see how far the 47th student senate goes.”

There are currently 31 members apart of the senate and FAMU now has a full traffic court with student representation so when students have traffic violation you can now appeal them to the traffic court.

Towards the end of the meeting the senate had Document Review where we go over our rules and guidelines of how to govern ourselves in the senate, said Ford.

Senate President said, “I feel that everyone in the 47th student senate is working hard to work for the student body whether it’s through our allocations or events put on by our lovely student relations committee. We’ve also been having elections on time since my freshman year and I’m now a senior so I feel we are moving FAMU in the right direction.”

There are meetings held every Monday at 6 o’clock in the Senate Chambers. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Offices of Student Government Association at 850-599-3624 or visit their website.

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