By| Blaire Bishop

Florida A&M University’s (FAMU)Exhibit featured artwork from Michael Pearce, A professional artist, From England.

The exhibit Include ceramics, drawings, paintings, photography sculpture, mixed media, installations and performance art. The Exhibit is open from January 11, to February 2. During this event the sound of soft classical music poured through the speakers as the guest mingled with refreshments.

Foster Tanner art exhibit enables us to understand a society’s standards of fashion, beauty and religion. It invokes thought and conversation about those cultures as well as our own. Art inspires students to pursue our own creative release and proudly displays human achievement. Art museums allow students to explore foreign and domestic cultures through paintings, sculpture, drawings, photographs and textile works.

The ongoing art wave raises questions about whether college museums have outlived their primary purpose as educational institutions and perhaps now serve a different function in both academic and art circles.

Many Historically college museums have called themselves “teaching museums”—in other words, places where students can experience objects and artifacts first-hand, as opposed to merely studying them in textbooks or online

Advanced art history students at FAMU get a hands-on look at the world of art right in their own backyard. Aja Roache, the Foster Tanner Art Director said that the gallery is unique from culture perceptive that offers a lot of diversity.

“The gallery is a great opportunity for students, faculty and the community to get a chance to see mainstream artwork in person for free. The event serves multiple purposes, which It allows you to relax and get away.

The Art Museum has a significant impact on local and state economies. In Florida, the art and culture industry provides almost 90,000 full-time jobs, almost $200 million in local government revenue and around $250 million in state government revenue.

Vashti Jenhins-Taylor, an employee at Foster Tanner, has an eye for art. Taylor is inspired by Michael Pearce paintings because she believes his work sends a clear message although there are no words.

“I love art and when I look at Pearce work it is very mysterious and skillful kind of like Harry Potter but it always has a sense of humor” said Taylor

In some ways, the campus art reflects a new kind of literacy. The influence of visual media has fundamentally changed what it means to be literate. People now communicate in graphics, images, and video more than they do in text.

Jamarya Rosier, a Senior in Interdisciplinary Studies, from Fort Myers, Fl views the Art Gallery as a way to analyze creatively, thoughts and feelings.

“Art is the modern day language where you express your emotions, feeling and thoughts without any words”

The traditional role of museums is to collect objects and materials of cultural, religious and historical Importance. In addition, the research presents important information to the public for the purpose of education and enjoyment. Through the ages art has shaped the very fabric of our society.


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