By| Lauren Coleman

Dollar Tree comes months after Walgreens decided to close their doors on South Monroe. Dollar Tree looks forward to the new location as they bring in some economic development to the community.

Greg Daniels, Store Manager of Dollar Tree on Apalachee Parkway, is looking forward to the new store. “I believe that Dollar Tree will be a great asset to the community and it will be able to bring in new jobs,” said Daniels.

Daniels expects the Dollar Tree southside location to bring in at least five hundred-thousand dollars within the first three months of being open. They are expecting this location to open to the public on February 22.  

This upcoming economic growth comes not only with Dollar Tree but with the new All-Services care facility: The Care Point Health and Wellness Center.


Carepoint health & wellness center is southside’s newest medical center.

Dollar Tree and Care Point Center should create a great amount of economic growth within the community due to how much they will generate and how many jobs they bring in.  

Capital City of Commerce Chairman, Dianne Williams-Cox, believes that with Dollar Tree selecting this location, it may allow other businesses to consider bringing their stores to the southside.

“The Capital City of Commerce is ready and willing to work with those businesses, understanding the challenges they may have and to work with community partners to clear those challenges,” said Chairman Williams-Cox.

Capital City of Commerce hopes that Dollar Tree will become a community partner to help support activities to the location that they are coming to. With the company generating billions of dollars, Dollar Tree would be a great partner to the Commerce.

Commissioner Curtis Richardson and The Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) looks forward to Dollar Tree bringing in economic growth to the southside community. Commissioner Richardson believes that southside will continue to grow with other businesses coming to the area.

“The Dollar Tree locating on the southside community does address the CRA’s goal for bringing economic growth to the southside,” said Commissioner Richardson.  “Dollar Tree is an independent business that helps brings economic growth through property taxes.”

Property taxes are a way that helps the CRA bring in money to help bring in economic growth. If other businesses decide to come to the southside, they would help the community through the property that they are on.

Dollar Tree will be a new adjustment for the students and residents of the Southside community. With a new business and pharmacy, it is remarkable for not only the economic growth of the southside but also for its members.

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