By| Aliyah Glover

The senate was called to order at 6:14pm. They began by singing FAMU’s Alma mater and reciting the pledge of allegiance. There was a dedication to fallen student Brodric James followed by a moment of silence.

“I’m so happy that they have this on the agenda every week to pay homage to our fallen classmates, a moment of dedication is what they call it. It’s just nice to come together and honor the memory of someone,” said Kanesha Phillip junior nursing student.

The meeting continued and the senators addressed FAMU Day at the Capitol and how successful it was.

Senate president Rakeem Ford said, “There were a lot of students in attendance who came out to support. You know, it is always swell to see the students out to rally and speak up on the changes they would like to see regarding education not only for themselves, but all the student in Florida.”


Photo Courtesy of Aliyah Glover

Senator Taylar Hall announced the return of FAMU college democrats.

The meeting moved to the reading of Bills and request for allocation.

During the second reading of the library bill, which was to receive funding to build more study rooms, there was a motion to strike this bill and the senate held a vote striking this bill with majority of Aye.

Counseling service bill to receive a golf cart was tabled for another week. Senator suggested finding another cart at a cheaper price but a counseling services representative mentioned that other carts may not be supported by a FAMU approved vendor.

Moving down the agenda the different organizations came up in front of the senate to receive funding for their program or an event they are having this semester.


First up this week was Progressive Black Men Inc.; their bill was presented by senator Demarcus Snipes to receive funding for their national conference held in Fort Lauderdale FL. They wished to be allocated $3,690 to cover travel expenses and their hotel cost.  Legislation passed this bill

Following was senator Taylar Hall presenting the New Student Orientation bill which was written to receive funding for the class shirts that’s freshman receives at their orientation each year.

Some of the senators had a lot of questions regarding the cost per shirt, was this a reliable vendor and when will student receive these shirts. Legislation also passed this bill and $12,320 was allocated in support of this bill.


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