By| Brianna Harmon

With Spring finally here the fashion world is popping.

Images Modeling Troupe held it’s spring fashion show on Saturday Feb. 3 at the FAMU Campus Recreational field in a heated tent.

This year’s show was themed around the noun Anomaly, a deviation or departure from the norm or common order.

“For over thirty years we have been producing shows that are fashion forward and captivating,” president Princeton Studstill said. ”The theme of the show was special because the definition of Anomaly defined a clear distinction between us and others.”

Anomaly had a total of six scenes starting with lingerie, diamonds are forever, men’s (boujwah), women’s life is Gucci, urban, high fashion and a “model call” congratulating everyone and thanking those involved.

All scenes captured both men and women, an array of patterns, colors, and music selections.

“I definitely did not know what I was getting myself into being a scene director,” Daiquana (DaI) Ware said, “But watching my girls perform made it all worth it.”

FAMU Alum Zuri Hall blew the crowd away with an intermission doing a medley of Need You Bad, If You Let Me Love You, and I Wanna Be Down.

Attendee Dajah Dorn said, “The show was great and having it outside was different, it gave me the New York Fashion week Kanye West show feel.”

“It was definitely a humbling experience to be apart of such a great production,” Studstill said. “And to call myself President.”


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