By| Aliyah Glover


Do you feel the presence of student government? Newly appointed Vice President Da’juh Sawyer wants the student body to become familiar with who their representatives are in SGA. In her first meeting since having the position Sawyer along with Chief of Staff, Denver Smith led a very strong meeting.

“We are working on enhancing visibility and promoting transparency. Thankfully elections are done. We’d like to congratulate all students who’ve ran for leadership positions on campus and more specifically in SGA,” said Smith.

During tonight’s meeting the executive branch discussed different ways to become more involved with the students on campus and implementing new ways to get feedback on how the students view student government and the work they’ve put out.

“I would love to implement SGA conversations where the representatives along with other student leaders to visit one resident hall every two weeks. We would listen to how students are doing, listen to their concerns, get their feedback on improvements regarding SGA.”

They are deciding whether to leave a decorative suggestion box in each residence hall.

They also plan to host a women’s event during women’s history month in March. Ensure students voices are being heard in the faculty senate, along with continuing to get our students registered to vote with the help of clubs, organizations and athletics.

So, that the voice of the students will have a positive impact. Planning some economic developmental/career events for students, and finally working on community outreach initiatives with local shelters and high schools in Tallahassee.

“I believe that the student government is more than showing up at dance events, giving out free food on campus but actually being personable with the students,” said Sawyer.

The plan is to visit the local high schools and meet with their student government giving them pointers on to what to look forward to upon entering college and getting involved on campus.

Also, they discussed plans for B-Out day which is March 24th, 2018.

“B-out day is like a big FAMU family reunion aside from homecoming.,” said Eric Daniels a senior Engineering major.

There was a meeting held February 16th from 3pm-5pm with the coordinating team. Where they discussed the ins and outs of planning. From vendors, materials needed like tables and tents; the location which is still underway but it is planned to be held on the track.

Performances will include student organizations and there will also be Zumba and other surprises. Because this event is being held during spring preview they are expecting at least 1500 people to attend.

“B-out day is the big event that’s coming up B-out day is a FAMULY reunion / mini homecoming it will be food, games, DJ and much more,” said Alexys Lynn Deputy of Communications.

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