By| Nichelle Cobb

The Board of County Commissioners had their public meeting on Tuesday February 13th. This meeting consisted of awards, presentations, and discussions for future development and plans for the city of Tallahassee.

Commissioner Bill Proctor began with recognizing the work of local Author Roosevelt Wilson, who was also a former publisher of Capital Outlook Newspaper. Following this, Tom Napier also gave a presentation from Honor Flight Tallahassee. This a program that gives veterans that fought in WWII, Korean, and Vietnam War a chance to visit the various monuments raised in their honor by sponsoring a flight to Washington, DC.

Furthermore, representative Andy Johnson from the county commission gave a mid-session legislative update informing the board of preemption bills legislators have been discussing. “One main bill we are looking at is the Economic Development Tourism and Promotion bill” said Johnson. This bill has a long way to go before being finalized, due to back and forth concerns to be considered by legislatures. Also, “One issue occurring in the constitution revision committee is discussions on the local regulation of commerce and trade bill” said Johnson. Therefore after doing research , there is strong consideration for adding the bill  to the constitution.

 Moving along, consent item five from the agenda became a big discussion in the meeting by Commissioner Proctor. The consent item included the agreement with CareerSource Capital Region on the Summer Youth Training Program. It was proposed that there should be a change in the age gap of the program from 16-24 to 14-24 “To give more opportunities to students who are mature enough to be accepted in the program” said Proctor. He also suggested that the exceptional language be built in the description. Fortunately, with few concerns The Board unanimously voted for the age to be changed.

Another consent item that stood out to board members was item seven The Apalachee Regional Park Master Plan. Commissioner Bryan Desloge said “We took trash and turned it into treasure” and he is extremely proud of the progress. The park has shown tremendous development in just a short amount of time and has gained a lot of attention from athletes. This beautiful park is a “Fantastic asset for the community” said Commissioner Kristin Dozier. The board was pleasantly surprised of all the recognition the park has received from colleagues and specifically track runners across the country. Therefore, it was no doubt for the board to unanimously vote in agreeance for ratification.

Overall, the Board of Commissioners meeting was informative and provided great insight on what plans are being discussed to improve the well-being of Leon County. After the consent items were discussed the meeting transitioned to general business and announcements. Finally, the board heard from citizens who weren’t on the agenda and this consisted of them sharing their concerns and recommendations in regard to their specific communities.

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