Two Chains comes to FAMU Homecoming

Photos Taken By: Job X. Kent

By Aliyah Glover and Brianna Hicks

The 2017 Florida A&M University Homecoming concert was a movie! Students from across the town came together and dressed to impress. The show began around 7:30 and DJ Loose Kid started off with a nice playlist to get the crowd’s momentum going. He did a couple of shout-outs and the rep your city anthem. From that moment the crowd was on fire.

Before the main events, there was a couple underground artist who came out to show their talents. Unfortunately, the crowd was not for it. There was a mix of “boos”, “you suck” and the most famous “get off the stage”. Tallahassee Community College student Nazareth Battle said, “I never knew students could be this harsh”. She added, “The performers just did not come out at the right time. Loosekid would get the crowd hype and then a performer would come out and perform a slow song. It just didn’t work”.

Around 9:45 p.m. 21 Savage came to the stage. He performed about 7 to 10 songs. 21’s mood was very stale and you could feel the lack of connection throughout the arena. “21was very dry he showed no enthusiasm and I don’t appreciate that. I was a fan but after tonight I can go without honestly.” said, Ashley Holley, Criminal Justice senior.


Photos Taken By: Job X. Kent


It took him a while to warm up to the crowd. It wasn’t until around his last 3 songs is when he showed interest in performing for the crowd. He complained about the sound and that the lights were making him hot. He performed some of his hit songs like “No Heart”, “X”, and “Bank Account” which peaked the Billboard charts at #1 on September 2nd 2017.

At 10:25 DJ E. Sudd (2Chainz personal DJ) took the stage and began to hype the crowd, getting them ready for The Hair Weave Killa to grace the stage. The crowd responded well to his pre-gaming but was still on the edge of their seats.

2Chainz rolled on stage in his pink pimped out a wheel chair. His performance was nothing short than amazing. He performed well over 10 songs and did an awesome job at drawing in his audience. He expressed his appreciation to the crowd for allowing him to perform, even though he was not able to fully move, due to having a recent surgery.

ZaVante Fizer, a broadcast journalism student said, “My boy 2chaiz came and stole the show, I don’t know what 21savag had going on. [He] was too lively.”

After performing his hit song Issa Vibe that set the mood for the rest of the night as others were preparing to leave and head out to after parties, they were anxious and anticipating what the rest of the night will hold.

Public Relations student Da’Nae McIntosh was over the moon excited. “OMG! Tonight was just everything, I love 21 savage and 2Chainz but 2Chainz just did it for me tonight. He got me hype,”

His stage presence deserves an A rating. Though he is recovering from surgery he kept his momentum throughout the entire show. He made sure that his fans got their money’s worth and enjoyed themselves. There were TRAP-ground dancers (background) to perform alongside him and they kept the show hype as well.

Special thank you to FAMU SGA for setting up such an amazing event. This is truly one that will be remembered for a lifetime.

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