Galimore Lanes Hosts “The Main Event”

Source: FAMU Facebook Page

By | Nichelle Cobb

Ratters joined together in fun and fellowship at the Galimore Lanes bowling tournament that was held on January 25th . The tournament was hosted by Efferson Student Union and Activities. Various campus organizations participated in the tournament for a chance to showcase their bowling skills. The tournament wasn’t limited to just organizations, all students could participate, the only restrictions for the tournament were that it was limited to five participants per team. Aside from the participants, Students who wasn’t bowling were considered supporters. Third Year student Genevieve Myers said “OSA should put on more events like this, because It was good to see all the organizations participate together.” Even though it was a competition, the atmosphere was refreshing, and it felt like one big family gathering. Myers said, “Although I am terrible at bowling I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to support my FAMUly for anything in the world.”

 Furthermore, over a hundred supporters filled Galimore lanes not only to cheer on their fellow peers but they also enjoyed the free food and drinks. After the official tournament was over, the fun didn’t stop. DJ Jam and DJ Loose Kid continued to keep the crowd hype and energized until the very last minute of the event.

 The main purpose of this event was to bring awareness of the bowling alley and what it has to offer to FAMU’s study body. Galimore Lanes isn’t just a place to go bowling, but there are pool tables, arcade games, and volunteer and employment opportunities. Former employee and current volunteer Theresa Ballard said, “We want Galimore lanes to be the place where FAMU students can bond and mingle with each other outside of the classroom.” Therefore, this tournament was just the beginning of a new initiative for students to unite together.

  The Family oriented experience is one of the unique things that helps FAMU stand out amongst other universities. As years past it gets harder to keep the FAMUly spirit alive. “Access to bowling and other recreational activities are necessary to keeping the FAMU community alive and growing” said Melverton Walters, the Recreational Coordinator for Efferson Student Union. From year to year the dynamics change on campus, but one constant thing is that students are always looking for something fun and inexpensive to do.

   From bowling a strike, to playing pool and dancing to the hottest beats, Galimore Lanes “The Main Event” was a successful night. For students like Myers it was an opportunity to support fellow rattlers, and for Ballard it was a way of informing the rattler community about creative resources. As for Walters, the event was about upholding the rattler tradition of a unified student environment and growing community.




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