Photo courtesy of Brianna Harmon

By: Brianna Harmon

Celebrating 21 years of success and fashion, Faces Modeling Troupe held it’s Spring fashion show on Saturday Jan. 20 in Gaither Gymnasium.

This year’s show was themed around the French noun Prècis, showcasing abstract looks featuring vibrant, loud, and fun colors in styles that could only be pulled off with precision.

“They wanted to do something different this year,” fashion director Krystin Roker said. “The goal was to bring different colors and concepts to life, playing with themes and separating each scene by a different genre.”

Prècis had a total of five scenes starting with lingerie, black and white styles, casual chic, hip hop, high fashion and a “model call” congratulating everyone and thanking those involved.

Each scene flaunted both men and women apparel with defining patterns and colors complemented with an array of music selections. The hip-hop scene stood out as having the most creative control because it allowed the models to paint their own clothing, presenting another layer of expression and talent.

All the pieces on the runway were hand made and chosen specifically for each scene.

“Each outfit is custom made and everyone put a lot of hard work and time into their pieces,” Roker said.

“I am so proud of all the hard work that these students put in,” Advisor Charlene Howard said. “I don’t just consider them students but my babies. They not only excel as models, but as leaders. Faces Modeling Troupe is not just a place for fashion but for family.”

“I love my Faces family, they put their hearts into this show,” Faces CEO Carhonda Jones said. “[We’ll] keep striding until the end.”

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