Skyzone’s ‘College Night’ is the best event that you never heard of!

By: Ki-Jana King

Skyzone College Night is the best event that you never heard of!

Skyzone Trampoline Park has officially deemed the fourth Wednesday of each month “College Night” during open jump hours. This is a great opportunity for a  night dedicated specifically to college students who are looking for some inexpensive fun. The hours of the event is from three p.m. to eight p.m.

The bouncing playground premiered its college night last fall and has been running strong ever since. Unfortunately, there are still a great deal of students in the Tallahassee area who have no clue that Skyzone’s college night exists.

“My roommate and I had no idea it was even college night, I have just been dying to come to Skyzone” Said Jamese Brown, a junior at the Florida State University. “I’m glad I picked the right night to come.”

And indeed she did pick the right night. By choosing this precise Wednesday night, Brown and her roommate were both able to receive $3 off the regular jump price. The unexpected discount set the tone for the happy jumpers night.

At Skyzone the price you pay is determined by the amount of jump time you choose. The regular price for a 30 minute jump is $11. If you’re a college student you could pay as little as $8 for a half hour of amusement.

The fun doesn’t stop at the incredible price. Nope, If you love the thrill of dodgeball, then college night is definitely the night you would want to attend Skyzone. The game becomes more intense and a bit more fast paced when you’re are playing against guys who can throw the ball faster than you can run from it. But don’t worry, the ball isn’t hard enough or even big enough to hurt anyone.

However compared to their “Glow Night”, another event Skyzone hosts frequently. Staff member Loren Mccutchen says “This [College Night] is nothing.” Glow night features a DJ, and requires all jumpers to wear clothing that will glow under blacklight. “I don’t think enough people know about College night like they do Glow night.”

To get more scholars in the door for college night word of mouth may be the best solution. Skyzone says online advertising isn’t reaching everyone.

In a marketing article titled “Numbers Numbers Don’t Lie: What a 2016 Nielsen Study Revealed About Referrals”  The author, states “The vast majority (more than 80%) of Americans seek recommendations when making a purchase of any kind”.

So if everyone who attends college night shares their knowledge and experience with their friends, Skyzone could become the hip new spot on the fourth Wednesday of each month.

No, the night did not bring in many college students, but it didn’t stop Skyzone’s cash flow either.

Parents brought their grade school kids and even some kids, who looked to be in High School, showed up for some bouncing fun. While the night is devoted to college students, you don’t have to actually be a college student to gain entry.

To qualify for the $3 discount you must provide a valid ID from a college or University.

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