By LaRhonda Celestin

Have no fear, stepping into winter fashionably is here

The holiday season is underway as the temperature begins to drop, it’s time to dust off the hat boxes and pull the winter coats from the back of the closet. Winter wear is all about loads of layers and constant reinventions, especially since Tallahassee’s winters can go as low as 52 degrees in late October. Thank god for closets being already piled high with pieces, the only thing left to do is get a few winter trending items, starting with these top five winter must-haves:

Oversized sweaters are not only cute when it’s your boyfriend’s but it also does a number paired with a wide bucketed belt and some thigh high boots, remember topping this fit with a baseball cap and running shoes brings it to a casual level. Speaking of thigh high boots, stepping into trends – as seen on popping reality star Tommie #Love&HipHopAtl – the loud colored spandex point toe heels are the celebrities pick but going for the wide heeled or peep toe still executes this year “it” looks.

As the weather continues to hit the low of the lows, it does not take much to add the “cherry on top” to your outfit just as you would a ice cream cone. In other word a statement piece has never done nothing but add that winter “humph” to an outfit. Faux fur would be that go-to item whether it’s a basketball game or an awards ceremony. Making room for a faux fur shawl matched with a fitted mesh dress or a faux fur vest paired with distressed denim jeans could rarely .

Thanks to high end designers for bring puffer jackets back, especially Rihanna with her fall fashion Fenty clothing line, taking it to the runway for New York Fashion Week. Not only did they make this piece cool again for the school aged but added a whole new meaning to a vintage winter for the fashion moguls.

A leather skirt can take a simple outfit to a whole new level with its texture alone. As each layer is being applied, giving a skirt a winter spin has always been a thing of the past but giving a leather skirt a winter spin is the new chic. It’s the new high fashion to a casual ensemble.

This year winter will have its highs and its low as long as you are in style tackling one slay at a time, there is no doubt about it that you will conquer the year’s winter weather with embellished oversized sweaters, textured thigh high boots, multicolored faux furs, leather high waisted skirts, and Fenty puffer jackets.

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