By: Kaiyah Clarke

To prepare and present an art auction like Tallahassee’s own 621 Gallery is exemplary in the matter.
The 621 Gallery art auction ran from Oct. 6 until Oct. 20, resulting in a month-long event.
The cleverly named “Art Oct/tion” is considered the year’s most important fundraiser for 621 Gallery.
The auction included a portion that gave art consumers an opportunity to ponder the exotic array of local artists who submitted their work to be sold.
There was also a raffle in addition to the auction. The raffle featured the chance to win a gift basket or gift card that would have a marketplace value of over $100.
621 Gallery expected to meet a monetary goal that fell between $6,600 to $14,200.
Elizabeth Loeffelman, the internship coordinator and member of the Board of Directors for 621, gave insight into the provisions made for the auction.
“There is so much that goes into the art auction. It takes months of planning- securing food and drink donations, booking a musician, inviting guests, designing posters, hiring an auctioneer, contacting artists, inputting data, etc. The entire Board of Directors works for months to make the art auction happen,” Loeffelman said.
Over 200 works of art were submitted by local artists and college students. Only a portion of the works were chosen to be displayed.
The gallery planned to sell 40 works of art ranging in value $50 to $70. The goal was to raise at least $2000.
This night was a success. The tally of visitors exceeded 100. Bids were placed on multiple works.
Destiny Taylor, an intern at 621 and senior broadcast journalism student at Florida A&M University, also attended the opening.
“My role was to photograph the art auction, and my [general] role at 621 varies each week but, essentially, I assist with all events and make flyers for the art exhibitions. Both auctions were pretty successful from what I witnessed,” said Taylor.
Tallahassee art lovers bid on by artwork from local and previously exhibiting artists.
Around 25 to 30 works were in the live auction, each with a value between $250 and $2,000. The mission was to sell 15 works of art at $150-$500, equaling around $2,250- $7,500.
After the auction artists picked up the work that had not been sold. The highest bidders paid for and picked up their neatly wrapped pieces.
Lauren Baker, the Interim Director of 621 Gallery, sums up the 23rd Annual art auction as an achievement and an honor in serving the Tallahassee community.
“This year’s art auction was one to remember. I was absolutely thrilled with the support that we had from the local art community for submitting their artwork to help us raise funds for the gallery.” Baker continued, “Longtime friends of the gallery came out to the event to show their support and went home with something new for their collection. Of course, I cannot forget to thank Mark Hinson and Don Alexander for their help with the auction proceedings for the night.”
The art auction assisted 621 Gallery to reach the monetary goal for their season. The Board of Directors of the gallery is looking forward to the 24th Oct/tion annual art auction.
Keep up with 621 events on their website:
The gallery is located at 621 Industrial Drive in Railroad Square Park.

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