Words by: Victor Jones

Gaining weight in college can be an experience students often dread. People gain weight for a number of reasons whether it be due to stress, the “freshman 15”, or for personal preference.

Everybody’s body is different and some cannot gain weight because of their high metabolism or other factors that may prolong the process. Whatever the case may be, weight-gainers do not primarily focus on gaining fat cells, but also muscle cells for your body to become stronger and more efficient.

Below are a few tips on deciding what to look for in a weight gain supplement!

Weight gain supplements are commonly known of as protein shakes. Protein shakes assist with meeting a certain number of calories that one will need to meet on a daily basis.

Luiz Moatamoros, sales associate at the Vitamin Shoppe, says, “The protein aspect deals with muscle and carbs deal with the fat. So in essence, they work together to bulk you up versus solely storing fat.”

Although protein shakes are notoriously known for their unique taste, the taste should be very tolerable and the formula being easy to mix. There are many different flavors such as cookies and cream, vanilla, and chocolate to name a few.

Instead of altering your diet, protein shakes contribute to your current diet to help you maintain and your weigh gain. Thus, you should still eat full course meals and avoid solely using supplements as a meal alternative.

“You want to use supplements that have various speeds of digestion such as slow, medium and fast. These different speeds of digestion help with how long food will stay in your system and your own rate. “Said Hunter, Complete Nutrition Success Coach.

However, your body will have to get used to the amount of calories it is taking in per day, so choosing a high-end complex carb and protein ratio supplement is more beneficial than a cheaper, less complex supplement.

“There is a lean type of weight gainer that allows you to cut back on the fatty aspects and focuses building more protein than fat cells, “ says Matamoros.

Exercise is very important to weight gaining because you want to exercise on the weight you are building.  Chance James, Founder of Your Chance Fitness, says, “As a personal trainer, I like to use protein shakes within 30 minutes of completing my workout because it is an equal balance. I use powder supplements that I can use as a filler for my dinner or whatever meal I am on at the time.”

Weight gain supplements are effective but can be counterproductive is there is no action behind the weight gain or the product being used is filled with mainly sugars. Be sure to check with your doctor to see what best fits you.



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