Words by: Shaya Chamorro

Kaja Hall working on a Saturday morning

Photo by: Shaya Chamorro

The right shoe can change a woman’s life, and Anthony Castro is assuring this in Tallahassee. Castro, a 29-year-old Miami native, opened the women’s shoe store called Pink Shoe Bag in July of  2015 on Gaines Street. “Before opening my store I worked at Nordstrom […] As I told my coworker about my idea on opening a sneaker store she told me “If you want a million dollar business cater to men, but if you want a billion dollar business cater to women,” and that’s when I decided to make the steps to opening Pink Shoe Bag.”  The location was great for local college students, but has most recently increased its clientele by relocating into the Governor’s Square Mall. Castro is like no other women’s boutique owner. Not only because he is a male, but because he creates an environment in his business that keeps women coming back. From the interior design to his one on one interaction, Castro focuses on building relationship with his clients by being present in the store quite often. Danielle Tate, a third year Business Administration student at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University, is a  loyal customer at Pink Shoe Bag. She stated “they’re always up to date with trends and have great prices for young females like me. Being that I’m on the FAMU Royal Court and a business student it is very hard to find the perfect heel for every occasion… Shipping takes entirely too long. I love that Pink Shoe Bag always carries stylish high heels for any occasion.”

There is no question that Pink Shoe bag has become the talk of town within the past year due to their products. The women’s shoe store carries a variety of shoes from sandals to thigh high boots. All of the latest fashion shoes that women desire online can be found in Pink Shoe Bag for a great price; and by great price I mean every shoe in the store is less than sixty dollars… Now that’s life changing!

“I want the women that shop in my store to not only be satisfied with their shoes but our customer service. Nordstrom taught me service is what keeps clients coming back. My store is like no other because of the ambiance, music and our team. We create a setting that is friendly and I pride myself on catering to women”

The store also offers life changing opportunities for young women in entrepreneurship. Castro created an annual internship program for collegiate women who want to sharpen their media skills. Kaja Hall, a Florida A&M University Graduate, has been with the store since the beginnings. In February of 2017, Hall became an intern at Pink Shoe Bag. The internship has helped her professional skills and challenged her marketing skills. As a reward interns receive guidance in business and fashion industry, and of course… Shoes!

“The internship sharpened my marketing and branding skills. I learned how to brand a store by utilizing social media and products (t-shirts, banners, and other tangible items). This helps target an audience, ours being student/young women. My favorite part about the internship was being the liaison between the Pink Shoe Bag and campuses. As a worker now I get to complete inventory and spread sheets which is teaching me how to be business grounded.

For more information on how to change your life one step at a time, be sure to follow Pink Shoe Bag’s Instagram @Pinkshoebag or stop by the bright pink store located in the Governor’s Square Mall in Tallahassee.

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