Taste of a Rattler

Photo by: Nyasha Baly

By Nyasha Baly

This year Taste of a Rattler was a successful event on The Hill with over 200 students in attendance. The event was smoothly ran by the Student Government Association providing every student a ticket with proof of I.D to walk around and receive a free meal. The Florida A&M University Student Government Association kicks off this event every homecoming to unite Rattlers in spirit, but to also show the diverse culture on campus.


The parking lot of Gaither Gymnasium was packed with vendors, students and a lingering aroma of food. Our campus food provider, Metz catered Mediterranean Greek food serving gyros, Greek meatballs and hummus. Every year Metz marketing team thinks of new innovative ways they can switch up the menu. Catherine Seger, the marketing manager for Metz is consistently working on providing the best food experience for rattlers.

“We just want to give the students tasty good food and an opportunity to expose them to different cultures through cuisine,” said Seger.


Other than Greek food, there were other vendors in the lot like Leola’s Crab Shack, Fired Up Pizza Truck, Barbeque vendors and snow cone icy stations. The lines were endless for food at every food station, but every minute was worth the while. Dahlia Dodson, senior nursing major, enjoyed her time at Taste of a Rattler. “The pizza was good, the service was really fast. And I like that this event is free, there is music and a lot of people from school are out her socializing,” said Dodson.


There was a lot of variety of food to choose from. As well as a bounce house setup for people who want to burn off calories!  Darrika Frederick, sophomore Bioengineering major, volunteered at the bounce house station where she monitored students. “My experience here has been good, it’s great to see people communicating, fellowshipping as a big family. I’m learning about charity and giving back, as well as how beautiful FAMU is,” said Fredrick.


The strong bond from Rattler to Rattler is truly gratifying when people can get together and enjoy each other’s company. SGA tries to implement unity amongst the student body by hosting Taste of a Rattler. Each year the association gathers to plan Taste of a Rattler distinguishing the vendors that will be invited and the cultured theme. Alexys Lynn, deputy of communications, is actively in communication with Rattlers on social media to address people’s needs and wants.. Taste of a Rattler was an event that took nearly two months of preparation for with the help of Metz food services department. “Our goal was to have a fun event and give out plates of food at no expense to everyone student here on campus,” said Lynn.


Best said by Virgina Woolf, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Rattlers sure eat great yesterday. This event was one for the books. Here is to a successful rest of homecoming week. Go Rattlers!

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