Words by: Victor Jones

Regardless of the current state of your skin, proper facial cleansing routines are necessary to ensure a healthier skin feel and appeal.

It is important for students to understand that facial cleansing should happen at least two times a day, morning and night.

Active college students expose themselves to many germs and dirt particles daily. Thus, freeing your pores of filth can assist with controlling unwanted outbreaks and the quality of how healthy the skin will look.

“There is not protocol for one person when it comes to a type of skin whether it is dry, oily or combo. However, the same cleansing steps still apply, it just depends on the kinds of products needed to target areas that have special needs, “ says Jobeth, ULTA Skin Therapist.

Although there is no perfect skin regime, there is a conceptualized idea as to how to go about producing the best skin results with a few east-to-remember steps and tips.

Step 1:

Wash hands and wet the face with warm water. If the water is too hot, it can irritate and progressively damage the skin over time.

“You can use a variety of facial tools like a brush or your hands. Depending on how deep you will like to cleanse, facial brushes do more work to get the job done,” says Shaneice Govan, Certified Cosmetologist.

Step 2:

Apply a small amount of facial cleanser and use gentle circular motions to cleanse the pores.

Jennifer Vegara, Clinique Consultant, says, “ Although exfoliating is optional, everyone needs to exfoliate regardless because you have a lot of dead skin cells accumulating daily. Some cleansers serve exfoliating principles, so a person won’t necessarily have to buy extra product.”

Step 3: Rinse away facial cleanser with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel. Pat drying avoids tugging of the skin that will eventually develop fine lines and wrinkles if practiced.

Step 4:

Apply a toner with a disposable cotton ball or pad. Toner removes the remaining pore debris and preps the skin to absorb the moisturizer or serum.

Step 5:

Apply a decent amount moisturizer or serum with the tips of your fingers. Avoid aggressively applying products around the eye and forehead to minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

Once you understand how to properly cleanse, tone and moisturize facial skin, this routine should only take you a few minutes session per day.

Obtaining clean pores is the goal, therefore it is important to find the skin care routine that works for you. Remember, not everything that works for one individual, may not work for another. Always remember to love yourself, while you find your set routine.



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