Words by: Tauheedah Crenshaw


Are you ready to roll in the isles? If not, prepare yourself because the Florida A&M University (FAMU) Homecoming comedy show is approaching. The entertainment this year will include Kountry Wayne and the Plastic Cup Boys.

Being a comedian wasn’t what Kountry Wayne envisioned for himself, but when his career in the music business didn’t take off like he hoped he moved on. One day Wayne realized he could make people laugh and he went from there. Now he has two successful businesses in Georgia and a social media following of 3.5 million people. “I follow Wayne on Instagram and he’s funny so I’m expecting to laugh until I cry. If the comedy show isn’t funny I will be hesitant about going next year. I want to be impressed.” said Claudhaja Registe. Wayne is currently touring across the U.S.

Joey Wells, Will “Spank” Horton, and Na’im Lynn make up the Plastic Cup Boys. They have been the opening act for comedic rock star Kevin Hart’s “Laugh at My Pain” and “Let Me Explain” tours. The trio has now decided to venture off and do their own thing. Now instead of doing a three to five minute act the crew has been learning to master how to keep a crowd entertained for longer period of time. “When Kings of Comedy came out in 2000, I remember leaving the theatre and a couple people said when are you going to get on stage? So it was a transition because when you’re in front of your friends they know you’re about to be funny, but when people pay and they don’t know you, you have to be funny.” Spank Horton told Kevin Hart during an interview on Comedy Central. To get prepared for a taste of what the Plastic Cup Boys may have in store check out their comedy special available on Netflix.

For the sake of their careers these comedians better come with their A game because FAMU students aren’t afraid to let you know if their pleased or not. For freshman like Sydney Mctier and Jessica Frater hoping that their first FAMU comedy show is filled with laughter.“I laugh at anything so regardless the show will be funny.” said Sydeny Mctier. “And if I’m not crying laughing then I’m going to be disappointed.” said Jessica Frater. The FAMU Homecoming Comedy Show is on Tuesday the 10th in the Lawson Center. FAMU students are free with their Rattler card and its $15 for the general public.




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