Forward Talk: Breaking Barriers as a new communicator

Photo Courtesy of FAMU School of Journalism and Graphic Communication

By Diasha Henley

The School of Journalism and Graphic Communication hosted an event: Grads are Back. “Grads are back” was created to enlighten students on what to expect when entering the job field.

Prior students inform current students about life after graduation and the obstacles of being a black journalist.

There are a series of panels of different career paths in the journalism field throughout the week. Forward Talk was a panel about breaking barriers as a new communicator.

Narissa Tooks, 3rd year broadcast journalism student, acknowledges “I’m looking forward to the panel, I hope they can give me some tips on negotiating salaries.”

The panel was hosted by Kiana Clark, FAMU Public Relations graduate, who now owns a Public Relations Agency. She gave students valuable tips on being an entrepreneur. “You don’t have to stay in the lines” stated Clark. Clark correlated the lines on the paper to job opportunities.

Faith McIver was an outstanding student while at FAMU. She was involved in all student media. She was all eager to volunteer every chance she received. “Doing free things isn’t a bad idea.” stated McIver. McIver, Broadcast Journalism graduate, now works with H K Strategies

Atlanta native Kristen Holloway, FAMU Broadcast Journalism graduate, is an Anchor/Reporter for WREG3 in Memphis, Tennessee. Holloway educated students on the power of negotiation. Holloway expressed “You’re not going to get the salary you’re worth, you’re going to get the salary you negotiate.”

Monique Mitchell, FAMU Broadcast Journalism graduate, now working at Cartoon Network. Mitchell is breaking barriers. She is a journalism graduate but is now working in the public relation field. “You have so many opportunities to create opportunities. “expressed Mitchell

Photo Courtesy of FAMU School of Journalism and Graphic Communication

Sheree Oats, FAMU Broadcast Journalism graduate, is now working in the sales/marketing at PepsiCo. She landed this position by interning with the company. Sheree emphasized “Don’t be afraid to go a company to get your foot in the door”

“They will see your value but they will want to add the value to themselves.” stated St. Heaur. Matthew St. Heaur, FAMU Public Relations graduate, is now employed with Journey Management. He enlightened students that employers or co-works will try to take advantage of your skills but “Don’t be afraid to say no.” asserted St. Heaur

Travis Milton, FAMU graduate, now works for NBCUniversal. He was offered a temporary position that helped him a full time position. He too had to adjust to saying the word no.

Jeramiah Carter, 4th year PR student, says “The panel was informative. They opened my eyes to life after graduation.”
Clark wrapped up the panel with “Be genuine yet intentional when advancing in your career.” Emphasized Clark.

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