Jaris Harrison: Owner of Jarievee Collection


Words by: Shaya Chamorro

It’s that time of the year! Florida A&M University’s homecoming is a day away and like every year many come to show off their unique style. The lineup this year includes the 2 Chainz & 21 Savage concert, step shows, annual parties, and of course game day! Executing your looks all week is a must, so let’s get started:

Isaiah Smith, also known as Zay, a former FAMU student and fashion designer is here to help out the men on the hill. Zay said, “Ian Connor, ASVP Rocky and Migos are really influencing the culture of fashion. This homecoming men should have a denim trucker jacket. It is a must because they give you the option to be comfortable when layering. Camo is one of the hottest waves right now for both men and women thanks to ASVP Mob & Slum Weirdo.”


Isaiah Smith, fashion designer

Zay, a fashion designer himself with unique style also believes that having one statement piece, i.e., a rare pair of shoes or a colorful shirt, will complete an outfit. In addition, Zay stated that he’s going with “cozy vibes” for game day. “You can’t lose dressing comfortably especially if it is hot out.”

Of course, women are popping out this week. Jaris Harrison, a Senior Business Administration student and owner of The JarieVee Collection, a hair and makeup line, has great cosmetic tips for the lady rattlers.

Harrison said, “Blending your whole face this week correctly is very important. There’s a lot of events where the ladies will be taking photos and if they don’t blend correctly it will show on their pictures. Also, priming your face can take you a long way for homecoming. Primer helps minimize your pores, fixes in your imperfections, and also helps your makeup last longer if you have multiple events to go in one day. For game day, embrace school colors or neutral colors when dealing with eyeshadow… And glitter! Glitter is definitely a trend and you can use it for any event.”

Lastly, our women’s fashion expert, Carline Joseph. Joseph, a FAMU Alumna and creator of CxC Designs has amazing insight on how to slay homecoming effortlessly. When interviewing Joseph about FAMU game day looks she stated, “I think as far as the game, of course representing FAMU is a must, but personalizing your outfit is the key to success. I don’t wear FAMU t-shirts, but I utilized the colors orange and green during homecoming to create my own outfit with a FAMU twist.”

So Rattlers, start thinking about how to make that orange and green look fly without having to even buy expensive FAMU gear.

Joseph also talked about her favorite women essentials for this homecoming.  Some of the designs Joseph discussed were plaid and checkerboard print.

“These prints make a great look for casual events and classy events. I like making them into pants and skirts so that I can dress them up or down. One basic item the ladies should also have is a leather moto jacket. It adds an edge to any look… It’s just bad a** with heels or vans.”

Now that fashion gurus themselves have spilled the tea on what’s hot for homecoming get ready to slay. Be sure to blend your makeup, stay comfortable, and always stylish. For more inspiration on outfits and makeup ideas be sure to check out these rattlers on their social media accounts. Ready. Set. Go! Go Rattlers!

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