Words by: Shaya Chamorro

Photo Credit: A.P.B Website

The A.P.B store which stands for “All-Points Bulletin” is an up and coming streetwear store where they believe the youth are the voice of change and reason. A.P.B. is located on 799 West Gaines St. Suite 117, Tallahassee, FL 32304, which is the second location in Florida. The other Florida location is located in Jacksonville, FL.

Crystal Coombs, 30, a New Jersey native is the regional district manager of both the Jacksonville and Tallahassee store and describes what drew A.P.B to the Tallahassee area. “It was the real estate, which is the name of the game. The new up and coming areas, the fact that there is nothing like that in this town, the way the company does is that they find a place that has a need and places the store there” stated Coombs.

There is this thing with the company in general… They do it for the culture! People of all ages, families, and college kids can shop at A.P.B due to the location being right in the middle of both campuses. Naturally the store relates to young adults and those into new, hot fashion.

Jeneé Matthew, a senior at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University and a customer of the store stated, “I like the outcome of the store. It is a unique vibe to the Collegetown area and there is definitely no other store in Tallahassee that caters to high urban fashion.”

From BAPE to exclusive Air Jordan releases, there is no question that A.P.B has some of the hottest urban fashion. The store also has a variety of new clothing lines such as Carrots, a label known for its graphic T-shirts and trending hoodies.

Lunden Austin, 27, Tallahassee native is the manager in training and has a lot to say about A.P.B “I love working here, I feel like it is a different environment for Tallahassee. Tallahassee does not have that many boutique style stores that are catering to urban and streetwear, it’s a new step into the right direction for the city especially for FAMU and FSU.”

Though A.P.B has only been open for a month, the store is definitely on the come up and has only just begun. “We are only as strong as our weakest link, no excuses” say Coombs. I hope to get the store to the level of the Jacksonville store and be able to continue the momentum.”

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