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by Janai Moton and Brianna Hicks 

Florida A&M and North Carolina A&T battled it out, in a game some would consider under-coached and unacceptable. FAMU’s homecoming game was played at Bragg Memorial Stadium this past Saturday. The Aggies defeated FAMU in a petrifying 31-20, leaving many in a furious state.

During the first quarter both teams scored an impeccable 7-7, with The Aggies scoring first. The Rattlers later at the 45 second mark scoring a remarkable 13- yard run by junior running back Devin Bowers.

The crowd went wild as The Rattlers and The Aggies were toe- to-toe during the first half of the game. This lead to many believing that the Rattlers had a chance to defeat the aggies for their homecoming game.

FAMU alumna Tanesa Galloway said, “I pray they win this game, I don’t want them to go home without winning this homecoming game.” This was everyone’s hopes, but as the second quarter began, the dreams began to slowly shatter.  

As the second quarter approached The Aggies wasted no time in taking advantage of The Rattlers. The team typically gives up 10.2 points per game. The Aggies scored a heart-ripping 28-7 and went on to  scoring 3 touchdowns in the second quarter alone.

FAMU quarterback Ryan Stanley was 7 for 14 for 78 yards and an interception, which led to Lamar Raynard’s third touchdown in just the second half.

The third quarter approached and fellow rattlers hoped the team would take this lead by The Aggies seriously. Vanessa Alejandro a FAMU homecoming participant said, “Things are not looking good for these guys (FAMU), I hope they wake up and beat these boys!”

Sure, enough the Rattler kicked off the second half with a phenomenal kickoff and return a touchdown run. The score 31-14 with The Aggies still in the lead. This score gave Rattlers hope because the players were finally picking up momentum.  

Amin Brown a FAMU alumni said, “Oh man, they can’t lose their homecoming game, they haven’t lost their homecoming game in a while.”

As the final stroke of the game approached fans kept hope that maybe the Rattlers can score most of the points in the fourth quarter.

The Rattlers made a turnaround and put a touchdown on the scoring board, but couldn’t maintain to generate enough offense to defeat The Aggies. Mason McBride, a longtime fan said, “These players have no momentum. They just go. The quarterback keeps collapsing the pocket, which allows the defense to push him backwards”.

Ryan Stanley FAMU quarterback came back into the game at the fourth quarter and threw a 38-yard touchdown to Kareem.


Fueled by anger and despair, on and off the field, the Rattlers fell to the Aggies 21-31. Some have expressed their anger with Coach Wood and the other coaching staff. Despite the defeat, season ticket holders and long-time fans continue to hope for the best in the near future. x


The Aggies went on to celebrate their victory in defeating FAMU.


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