Words by: Raven Gaines


Everyday more and more people are becoming vegans in today’s society. Different
studies are showing Industrial animal Agriculture is one of the largest drivers for some
pretty serious environmental issues.
More than 20% of Americans are keeping meat off their plates. Kassidy Sharpe, a 21-
year-old Majoring in Food Science from Tallahassee, FL is a part of that 20%.
“I wanted to try something new,” said Sharpe.
Since becoming vegan she’s noticed a lot of changes in herself. Her skin has changed,
she’s never bloated. This change makes her think more of what her body needs and not
just what she craves. Her sister also did the switch with her.
“Go for it if you want to be vegan, but don’t get caught up in reading labels. You don’t
have to be only vegan to be healthy,” said Sharpe.
Her advice is to do what’s best for you and your body, eat veggies and drink water at
every opportunity. Cut sodas out your life and eat more fresh food, and less things that
come out of a box.
In 2016, there was a 90% increase in the amount of Google searches for the
word “vegan,” so the increase is people choosing to identify as such seems to
be rising as well.
Nursing student, Jessica Wilson from Tampa, FL was one of those people
back in 2016 searching about what being a “vegan” really is.
“Eating meat is cruelty and mistreatment of animals” said Jessica Wilson.
Wilson was a freshman when she made her transition to becoming vegan.
“Everything and everyone is as equal”, she said. When I think of eating an
animal, I think of my own pets. She said that is kind of “extreme,” which is a
big reason why I can’t eat meat.
“When I ate meat I always felt the itis,” Wilson said she felt tired, and so
bogged down. Since she’s became vegan she feels more lighter on her feet,

and her body is full energy. Nothing feels more healthy than being vegan, said
Jessica. However she doesn’t encourage other to do vegan much. She feels it
was a person choice for her and not for others. I will only encourage someone
if they express to me that they’re interested.
Jessica’s favorite thing to cook while being vegan is, fried veggie Pork chops.
Patrice Brathwaiite is a dedicated vegan. She even has her own garden in her
“The teachings of Dr. Alfredo Bowman revised my perspective of health and
wellness, especially in the black community,” said Patrice Brathwaite, a 21
year-old Political Science major from Brooklyn, New York.
Dr. Alfredo Bowman death was a confirmation of our oppressor’s intent, and
the truth would not allow her to continue to eat meat.
“I plant all my vegetables, and get all my fruits and veggies from the ground,”
said Brathwaite. She says, Plants based-diets will definitely help you to
become happier and healthier. This diet is designed to go straight through you
while other diets tend to have you anchored.
Brathwaite says she would like to encourage folks to remember our black
history. “The flesh of animals was slave slop, because “massa” underfed us
and made us sleep in the pig pens.”
“If you follow the ways of the slave, you are a slave.” Said Brathwaite.
Overall, more and more americans are choosing to go vegan. Either if it’s
because of they don’t like the taste of meat, they’ve found out different things
about meat, or they just simply did it for other health reasons. Being vegan,
might just be the new way of life for this generation.

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