Being Vegan in 2017

Words by: Raven Gaines   Everyday more and more people are becoming vegans in today’s society. Different studies are showing Industrial animal Agriculture is one of the largest drivers for some pretty serious environmental issues. More than 20% of Americans are keeping meat off their plates. Kassidy Sharpe, a 21- year-old Majoring in Food Science […]

Rising to the Occasion

Words by: Aliyah Glover Photo by: Aliyah Glover Students gather in the Charles Winter Wood Theatre, located in Tucker Hall Tuesday morning asFAMU’S School of Journalism and Graphic Communication held an All-School Colloquium. Which focused on the near re-accreditation of the university and specialized accreditation for School of Journalism, also program requirements, and expectations of […]

Solar Panels Avoid Storm Power Outages

Words by: Kayla Parker Photos by: Kayla Parker Tallahassee did not get the worst of Hurricane Irma, recording only 50,000 power outages which were restored fairly quickly. But some residents avoided the worst thanks to their energy systems. According to solar energy officials, some homes and businesses with solar energy systems avoid power outages caused […]