Words by: Aliyah Glover

Photo by: Aliyah Glover

Students gather in the Charles Winter Wood Theatre, located in Tucker Hall Tuesday morning asFAMU’S School of Journalism and Graphic Communication held an All-School Colloquium.

Which focused on the near re-accreditation of the university and specialized accreditation for School of Journalism, also program requirements, and expectations of the students and faculty.

The event was open to all students of J-School roughly 200 were in attendance.

The keynote speaker was Interim Dean Dr. Dhyana Ziegler, she began by introducing the faculty
and staff, also some of the schools Board of Visitors. She shared the university theme for strategic plan which is FAMU RISING. She informed the students why the accreditation was so important. “Your degrees are important financial aid is important and without accreditation the school loses funding”. Ziegler mentions a program improvement plan that makes sure that she and her staff carry out the priority. Her goal is for her and the staff to step it up a notch. Dr.Ziegler said “We must rise to the occasion”.

Interim Division Director Dr. Valerie White took to the stage beginning her presentation.
Speaking about the journalism program and how it was a limited program and every student may not be eligible to enroll in the division because a 2.5 GPA is required. The room grew tense as Dr. White spoke more about the requirements of the program and possible academic standards to be raised in the coming future.Other remarks were made by Faculty members of the university and professors from the SJGC.
Encouraging the students to put their best foot forward and remain focused throughout their matriculation. Scholarship recipients received awards and a heartwarming applause from the audience as the graced the stage for a photo.

Kaiya McIntosh, a third-year Public Relations major of Pompano Beach, commented on the event saying “I’m happy they’re raising the standards. It allows us students to be on our toes and on top of our game 24/7, it’s refreshing to know that they are shaping us into better professionals.”

Overall the colloquium was very informative and refreshing for the students allowing the
standard to be set and now allows room for the students to reassess where they are. After the leaving this event students and staff of SJGC shall be on one accord and well on their way to greatness.


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