Words by: Kereena Gordon

Clouds gather over the old capitol building as students march up the steps with their signs to express how they are feeling. Inauguration of the 45th President of the United States of America has been a day some people have been waiting for, and others have been dreading. There was plenty of protesting efforts that have flooded the internet since the election.

People varying from all ages gathered in front of the old capitol building on Friday, Jan. 20. The protest was titled “Mass Student Walkout on Inauguration Day”. Students were protesting the inauguration of Donald Trump by standing at the state capitol building to express their concern for this country. This event was hosted by Tallahassee Students for a Democratic Society, which is an organization that is working on campuses across the country to fight oppression.

“I am one of many who is not going to stand for it. Not going to continue to be oppressed.” said Barbara, 21, a student at Florida State University.

Most of the students that were at this event were students that attended Florida State University.

“I was surprised at the lack of engagement at FAMU this morning.” Said Jody-Ann Henningham, a member of the Dream Defenders and student a FAMU.

According to NBC news, 88 percent of African-American voters voted against Trump. 68% of African-American voters said if Donald Trump wins they would be scared versus the 30% of White voters that said they would we scared according to NBC news. However, there were only three African-Americans at the protest.

Event coordinators that spearheaded the event are searching for ways to get the student body and FAMU involved in more of these events.

“I believe that it is my right and I would be wrong if I didn’t. Trump has said so many problematic things. Not only in his comments against the LGBT community also against women, being that I am a sexual assault survivor. I felt it was necessary for me to be out here.” said Henningham.


These students held signs portraying their emotions of how they are feeling that Trump is now officially the president. There were speeches that were influencing students to reach out for their support because they believe that change comes in numbers. The purpose of this protest was to promote love not hate.

The number one trending topic on Twitter was the inauguration where people were expressing their thoughts about Trump’s speech and even the differences in the crowd at the inauguration in 2009 versus 2017. Obama’s first inauguration was attended by 1.8 million then in 2013 1 Million according to Stephanie Dube Dwilson, who writes for heavy.com

“It’s time for people to be able to live without fear.” said Barbara.

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