Words by: Kiah Lewis

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur in Tallahassee, in need of some guidance looking to get your start, look no further Domi Station.

Located in Railroad Ave. just a few yards away from Florida A&M University, tis collaborative space is open for business with resources available for Florida State University, Tallahassee Community College and FAMU students alike.

Domi Station, or Domi, was founded in 2014 as a non-profit business incubator with a creative space for young entrepreneurs seeking to start up their own business.

Domi’s aim is to help accelerate growth of young entrepreneurs with fresh business ideas by providing necessary resources such as open work space, lounge areas, and coaching and networking opportunities.

Business incubators are making a comeback for many millennial entrepreneurs encouraging collaboration and providing support systems to assist in the journey of developing a startup.

Domi’s main goal is to empower entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and develop their ideas into competitive businesses.

Sabrina Torres, Director of Community at Domi Station, works to build community among entrepreneurs and manages daily activities such as co-working, marketing and hosting events.

“There are a lot of ideas flowing at FAMU, FSU and TCC but oftentimes students find themselves stuck because they don’t know who to ask so they give up on those ideas,” said Torres. “Domi Station is the place to find answers to your questions.”

Most of Domi Station’s events are free to the public and include social events like happy hours, workshops and panel presentations. If you are a community member who just wants to learn about different startups developing in the Tallahassee community, you are welcome at all of Domi Station’s events.

Domi also provides a co-working space, this is an open creative space with resources to computers, printers, office space and even coffee that you can access with a monthly membership. Even if you aren’t an entrepreneur but are in need a work space, Domi station is available for use.

“We’ve noticed that a lot of people who work for themselves or work remotely for others find themselves working at a coffee shop which can be distracting or working at a private office, which can be isolating,” said Torres. “Co-working has become that happy medium for young professionals.

William McCluskey is the CEO and founder of Proper Channel. Proper Channel was developed through Domi’s 6-month “Get Started” incubator program.

Domi’s incubator programs, “Get Started” and “Get Started U” help accelerate the growth of new companies through education and empowerment. Cohorts of 6-8 teams are admitted three times a year.

Proper Channel is a knowledge transfer web application that allows  users to search, share and provide step-by-step ways to efficiently perform life tasks. In other words, is serves as the Wikipedia of instruction manuals.

McCluskey is grateful for the efficiency of Domi and the opportunities they program has afforded him.

“It’s so much easier and more efficient to get work done at a place for business like Domi Station,” said McCluskey. “Recently I got two resources I needed by just taking three steps. That’s some of the power Domi can have.”

Domi station offers many benefits to college students in Tallahassee. There is no program cost to students and faculty of FAMU, FSU and TCC interested in participating in their incubator programs.

“The Get Started program is highly competitive and is meant for those who have already gained traction with their companies,” said Torres. “Our “Get Started U” program is a yearlong program for college students who aren’t as advanced with their company.”

“We want FAMU students to know that we are here and have all of these resources available to them,” said Torres. “If they are passionate about starting a company, there is opportunity for them to grow in Tallahassee through Domi Station.”

Domi station is very hopeful for future growth in Tallahassee and the southeast region.

“Tallahassee is filled with talented people, they just need the right resources to grow. We want to be a resource for the entire Southeast, even if that means partnering with incubators in other cities,” continued Torres.

If you would like to know more information about Domi Station, visit their website at www.domistation.com.

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