Words by: L’oreal Mchildish-gambinoajor

Childish Gambino is looking to top the charts with his new album Awaken, My Love. Here’s what can be expected when you hear his latest single, a groovy love song titled Me and Your Mama.

If you have Andre 3000, Kid Cudi or Frank Ocean somewhere in your daily routine of music, then you will definitely be a fan of Childish Gambino’s new music. Me and Your Mama is a perfect introduction for his latest  album, released on Dec 2.  

The song starts off with a nice melodic vibe that is perfect for closing your eyes and reminiscing on that special someone, or getting lost in the purple clouds thinking about the better days ahead. If you’re not careful, then you will get too indulged into the melody and will get caught off guard at the quick tempo change. Complete with funkadelic guitar chords reminiscent of Jimmy Hendrix, the rhythm change gives the record more depth, volume ande63a7400c0e0ed3d14dca430d45f3035-800x800x1 passion.

The changes occur around the 2:05 mark, and as the beat begins to intensify, you are no longer captivated with your head in the clouds. Instead you’re standing up, jumping up and down with your imaginary guitar pretending that you’re on stage with him, like the rock star you always knew you could be.

 As far as lyricism, if you are looking for a style similar to those of Future, Drake and your other favorite hip-hop artist, then you may not like this song.

The song starts off with background singers chanting in a soft monotone, professing how much love they have for their significant other when they are smoking that “la-la-la-la.” Then, in a magical transition, Childish Gambino comes in strong and full of bravado with a rough and ragged tone. Instead of lyrics that degrade women, Gambino tells his lady, “You know that I love you, so let me into your heart.”

The introduction, hook and bridge are all redundant, which makes the lyrics catchy and easy to memorize. If you’ve never taken the time to listen to his music before, this song will be the perfect introduction to who Childish Gambino is. This is his pique artistry, giving you that musical experience where you feel as if you’ve transported somewhere else.

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