An Open Letter to an Old Friend

Markel O. Mazelin, a former stylist for Journey Magazine, passed away this year. He will be remembered for his support, creativity and love. In this letter, Journey’s former Editor-in-Chief Gina Cherelus wax poetic about how it felt to not only “Meet The Mark” but to have him as a good friend.  Words by: Gina Cherelus, […]

How To Buy the Black Vote

  Words By: Nallah Brown The pursuit of buying the black vote usually begins with politicians smiling in your face, and ends with a slap across it. The black vote has always been an essential part to winning any election in this country. But, mimicking our latest dance moves and visiting our churches for staged […]

Lead Found in Water at Leon Elementary Schools

Words By: Kayla Parker A test by a Florida A&M University (FAMU) professor found that more than a dozen schools in the Leon County School District have significant levels of lead in the water systems. Donald Axelrad, an assistant professor at the FAMU College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Institute of Public Health, was the […]

Fall in Love with Childish Gambino’s “Me and Your Mama”

  Words by: L’oreal Major Childish Gambino is looking to top the charts with his new album Awaken, My Love. Here’s what can be expected when you hear his latest single, a groovy love song titled Me and Your Mama. If you have Andre 3000, Kid Cudi or Frank Ocean somewhere in your daily routine of music, […]