Words By: La’Kayra Larramore
According to Bazaar Fashion, the black choker has resurrected from the nineties. It has topped the 2016 trending charts and can be found being worn by everyone. This universal accessory could be seen on women frolicking down the street or women cat-walking down the red carpet.

Its versatile capabilities are what makes this accessory a must have.  No matter where you are this neck piece allows you to keep an edgy, sexy and unique vibe. Chokers may seem intimidating at first to wear (I mean it does just look like someone took a sharpie and drew a line across your neck) however, there is nothing to fear. Here are a few ways to wear this trending accessory.

1. The the boho style to the next level. Add this simple neck piece to your patterned romper but you can’t forget the ankle boots. This will give you an edgier feel and look.




okokok2.For the casual girls, like myself, there is a choker out there for you. Instead of just wearing that plain grey shirt andtight fitted jeans, add this statement piece with a charm attachedto it, to bring some life to your style.










3. Professional wear has not been forgotten. This fad has the ability to add a little spice to that professional button up shirt. No matter your style, this trending fashion accessory is definitely a must-have. Take advantage of the choker while you can, before this fad is buried back into the ground. Although, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

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