Words by: Rashad Stafford

A New Jersey Transit crashed at a station during the early Thursday morning commute in Hoboken.

According to a New Jersey Transit spokeswoman Jennifer Nelson, at least three people are dead as a result of the crash including one female law enforcement officer.

As many as 100 others are injured, some seriously.

According to law enforcement officials, the cause of the crash seems to be by operator error.

“[The train] just felt like it never stopped. It didn’t slow down. It didn’t brake,” Nancy Bido, a passenger in the first car of the train, told NBC 4 New York.

Others on the scene are telling a similar story; the train ran full force into the station.

According to first responders, more than 100 patients needed treatment and many of them were transported to local hospitals, which were on standby after receiving news of the crash.

Jersey City Medical Center said it sent several trauma and emergency units directly to the scene to help aid in the first responder reliefs.

Many people shared moments immediately following the crash on social media. The images show serious damage to both the terminal and the train.

The Hoboken train station is located just across the Hudson River from Manhattan and is a major hub for commuters traveling to New York City.

Currently, all transit services at the station has been suspended. Transit is available by ferry to Manhattan for commuters trying to get into the city from New Jersey.

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