Words by: Rashad Stafford

With Labor Day unofficially closing the summer season and starting the fall season, it’s time to put away those tanks, ripped shorts and your favorite pair of swimming trunks, in exchange for fall attire.

Fall is the perfect season to analyze what’s already in your closet and using it to your advantage. That old sweater you never thought you’d wear may come in handy and look very fashionable during this season.

Here in Florida, it is easy to believe that we have summer year round (Surprise, we don’t!). The thermometer always seems to be in the 90’s but trust me, in October, it will cool down and you don’t want to be the only guy still walking around in those flip flops that you bought during spring break. That season has come and gone.

Fashion stylist Jamal Felton, a senior graphic design student from Jacksonville, FL said, “Men’s fall fashion is a true art form. It’s so detail centric that something as simple as choosing toggles over simple buttons for your duffle coat could separate the novice from the aficionado.”

A few simple purchases can take your fall wardrobe from 0 to 100 real quick and have you prepared for the cooler months ahead of us

  1. Chelsea Boots
Top Suede Chelsea Boots

No fall wardrobe is complete without a pair of tan or brown chelsea boots. “They are definitely an item that every man needs in his wardrobe whether it’s for casual wear or for work. It’s a fully versatile yet comfortable shoe” said Deandre Murphy, an assistant manager at Nordstrom in St. Louis, MO. Whether you’re going into the office or a nice stroll in the park, these will be your go-to shoe this fall season.






American Eagle Bomber Jacket $56.482. Bomber Jacket
A nice quality bomber jacket is essential this fall season. The bomber jacket provides the necessary style and warmth without the bulkiness of a big winter coat. With the jacket being short at the hip and very wide at the shoulders, it’s a convenient piece for men of all body types regardless of what your personal style may be. Bomber jackets are available in many prints and patterns so finding one that fits you should not be a problem.





3. Classic Flannel Shirt

Macy's Men;s Flannel $29.99
Macy’s Men;s Flannel $29.99

Every guy must have a flannel shirt somewhere in his closet this fall. This is a timeless piece that goes perfectly with the cooling temperature. A nice flannel (Not the lumberjack ones your grandma bought you when you were a child) can be worn under a nice sweater with a knit tie or casually with a nice pair of jeans. It can also be worn as a schoolboy preppy look tucked in with your favorite pair of khaki pants with some nice hard bottoms. Your options are limitless with flannels!

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