Words By: Rashad Stafford lockheart1

“Fast Fabulous Fashion” was held on Thursday evening in the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication Gallery. Alexis Lockheart, a senior public relations student and aspiring fashion mogul, hosted the event.

Lockheart recently launched her fashion lifestyle brand “Lockheart: The Pulse of Campus Fashion.” After being presented with the opportunity to travel to New York Fashion Week in New York City in September, Lockheart was inspired to bring her knowledge and experience back to the students of Florida A&M University.

During the event, Lockheart presented fashion trends of the upcoming season, natural hair care, skin care and her experience at fashion week.  

Leondra Saintil, a senior public relations student, was happy to be in attendance and gailockheart2n valuable knowledge about the fashion industry.

“This event definitely got me brainstorming now,” Saintil said. “I am now thinking of ways to get out there. Alexis definitely gave me ideas because I love fashion and would love to attend Fashion Week.”

Gabrielle Satchelle, a beauty advisor for Kohl’s in Ocala, was present and talked about her natural hair journey and what worked for her.

“A woman’s hair is her crown,” Satchell said. “It is important for women to be informed about their natural hair because it promotes self-love and acceptance of who they are authentically.”

She presented attendees with hair and skin care samples and cologne samples for the men who were in attendance.

Lockheart was extremely happy with the turnout and success of the event.

“I want to see to see all my colleagues take their careers all the way to the top. I had an awesome experience with this event,” Lockheart said.

This is the first of many events Lockheart plans to host. The next event is scheduled for late October.

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