Words By: Kiara Whitehead famu-homecoming-2016-logo-1

Florida A&M University’s 2016 homecoming was lauded by students as one of the best in a long time; homecoming this year was a labor of number crunching love from the Student Government Association (SGA).

The 2016 homecoming celebration was initially allocated only $111,573, which was almost an $100,000 decrease from the 2015 homecoming budget of $210,810.

The initial amount of money allocated towards homecoming was insufficient which caused the SGA to gather as many funds as possible to cover the growing expenses.

“We motioned to do budget transfer from the senate allocated account to the homecoming account in the amount of $75,000 to cover the guest and people that will be coming for homecoming,” said Simone Nisbett, the 46th Student Senate’s Organization and Finance Committee Chairman .

The total amount of money allocated towards homecoming, after the budget transfer authorized by the Student Senate, totaled at $186,573.

Paris Ellis, the Student Body Vice-President and Homecoming Committee Chair said that budget cutting culprit is the drop in enrollment over the past three years. Without high enrollment A&S fees, which come directly from students, dwindle.

“The more students we have, it’s a whole cycle. The more A&S fees that we have coming through, the more money we have in our budget. That’s our homecoming budget,” said Ellis.

Even with the large budget cuts for this year’s homecoming students seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed themselves at each event.

“This year’s homecoming took me back to my freshman year, it was so great to actually be able to genuinely enjoy homecoming again,” Audriana Osborne, a senior English student.

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