Words By: Tiana Jones

The returning organization, FAMU College Democrats, hosted the Students for Hillary and College Dems Action Hour Wednesday, September 21st at The Edison Resturant in Cascade Park. The event featured guest speakers Tallahassee’s Mayor Andrew Gillum and Representative Alan Williams.

The College Democrats organization seeks to advocate and educate the student body on the ideals and goals of the Democratic Party. This year their goal is to rally up as many students as possible to register to vote.

Chase Beasley, member of FAMU College Democrats “Dems” shares how students can encourage their friends to get out and vote.

“I think making it seem like the coolest thing to do [helps]. People think that voting Is lame, people think that Hillary Clinton is not a good candidate, and people think more importantly that their vote won’t change anything, but to those who think that way I want to let you know the American government goes through hoops to keep black people, women, and minorities from voting at every corner. We need to make a stand!”

Chris D’avanzo, member of FSU College Democrats, says he is voting for Hillary Clinton because out of the two candidates, he thinks she is the best option for our country.

“You have one candidate who is going to be a continuation of what we’ve had the last eight years, and then one candidate who is the worst we’ve ever had in America. So it’s a very easy decision, she’s a candidate who 95% agrees with my expectations of a good president,” D’avanzo said.

Mayor Andrew Gillum expresses why he is enthusiastic to vote for Clinton and why student should be too.

“I’m excited about supporting Hillary Clinton, I’m excited about her agenda for this country, and I’m excited about where we have the opportunity to go with her at the top. So I’m inspired frankly to be involved in this campaign and to support Secretary Clinton not only because she understands how government works, [but] she’s been around this long enough which in some cases for young people can be considered a bad thing. What I want people to know Is that sometimes especially when you’re running the most complex democracy in the most powerful nation in all the land that it isn’t bad to have somebody with experience.”

Representative Alan Williams would like to convince as many people as possible to vote this upcoming election.

“5 weeks and 5 days, that is the time we have between now and when the first poll for early voting opens, so what that means is the time we have between now and then to convince as many people as possible and register as many people as possible is growing smaller and smaller. In order for Hillary Clinton to get in office we need your help to make that happen.”

Rep. Williams goes on to reference President Barack Obama on saying:

“My name may not be on the ballot but my progress in on the ballot.”

Stations will be set up on FAMU and FSU campuses for students to sign up and register to vote until October 11th.

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