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The declaration of candidacy period for the Fall 2016 freshman and graduate elections has been postponed for the second time.

The election was first set to begin on Sept. 6 and was then revised but again delayed.

The Student Body Statutes state that declaration of candidacy is supposed to be held during the third week of the fall semester. “The Judicial Branch has still failed to meet quorum therefore we cannot move forward,” said Kierra Clinch, the Deputy Electoral Commissioner.

The Electoral Commission (EC) initially released a fall election schedule on Sept. 12, which stated that the declaration of candidacy period would begin Sept. 19 and that run-off elections will be held Oct.13. Adrienne Floyd, the Electoral Commissioner worries that this will push elections into the homecoming celebration week.

The EC will notify the student body of the new dates as soon as the Student Supreme Court has met quorum. The court is currently one member short of the five-member minimum required by the statutes.

“This is truly a disservice, If we keep pushing back the dates, it is going to interfere with the new (freshman and graduate) attendant’s coronation,” said Adrienne Floyd, the Electoral Commissioner.

With the current schedule the new attendants would only have two days to prepare for coronation once elections have concluded. In efforts to rectify the issue Jaylen Smith,the SGA President, has appointed three students who are waiting to be confirmed by the student senate.

Floyd requested that an emergency senate meeting be held on Sunday night to get the appointees confirmed. Senate President Brandon Johnson responded to the request saying that the senate would not meet quorum as many senators would still be traveling back from The Fifth Quarter Classic.

The Judicial and Rules Committee (J&R Committee) chairwoman Benoushkah Joseph, whose committee is responsible for confirming the appointees, admitted that they failed to meet at their regular meeting but she went above her call of duty to fix the situation.

“We tried our best to set alternate times for the committee to vet the appointees, and were successful with two of the three. However, due to class conflicts and travel, we were unable to meet with one,” said Joseph.

The J&R Committee will meet with the appointees before they are confirmed by the senate in a special meeting on Wednesday. Floyd also says that she plans to work hand in hand with the senate to set a final schedule for the fall elections.

“I don’t believe there is an urgency for student leaders to go through the necessary steps to appoint and confirm individuals. They are being a disservice to future student leaders,” said Clinch.




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