Words By: Chelsea Stewart

The City of Tallahassee will sponsor a bake sale on Oct.19 from 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. on the second floor of the City Hall Mezzanine. Baked goods and pink lemonade will be for sale during City Commission meetings.

“We haven’t gotten word on what donations we’ve accepted, but we’re going to have cookies, cupcakes and brownies. At the last event we had, everything was priced between 75 cents and one dollar, so I’m sure we’ll follow suit with that,” said Chandra Dawson.                        

Members are raising funds for their goal of $20,000. All proceeds from the bake sale will go towards achieving the goal.

“I’m glad to see my community be so hands-on and involved. I think the sale will attract kids because of the treats and parents because they have the money,” said Tallahassee resident, Iesha Thomas.

“A bake sale is a great way to get everyone from all different ages involved in the fight against breast cancer.”

According to Nancy Miller, the City of Tallahassee Commissioner, money raised at the event will fund cancer research and education.

“Funds raised allow the society to be there for those touched by breast cancer, from research to education, prevention to diagnosis, and treatment to recovery, the society provides support to everyone impacted by the disease,” said Miller.

“Every action we take moves us one step closer to a world free from the pain and suffering caused by breast cancer.”

Miller is also the 2016 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer committee chair for the American Cancer Society.

The American Cancer Society has pledged to double their research funding to $240 million by 2021. The organization currently spends $120 million annually in grants to research institutions and research through American Cancer Society investigators.

To reach these goals, the American Cancer Society sponsors tons of events all over the country. Tallahassee residents can look forward to many events this month.

For more information on the bake sale or if you are interested in donating baked goods, notify Chandra Dawson by October 18 at 850-891-8934.

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