Words By: Shakyra Chrysostome

Autumn has officially arrived, temperatures are dropping and fashion pundit James Rozier is

invested in getting women ready for the autumn weather in style.

Pulse Marketing group and the Pink Shoe Bag have collaborated to present Autumn’s Essential Elements, a live action

lookbook curated by Rozier. The event was held on October 14 at the Pink Shoe Bag, located off of Gaines street.

“We linked with these two brands, the Pink Shoe Bag and Revived by Rozier so that they can

come together and benefit from each other’s capabilities,” said Gregory Hall, CEO of Pulse

Marketing Group.

The popular shoe shop offered 25 percent off of all shoes that were purchased during the time of the event, benefitting the attendees greatly.

Asia Howard attends the event happily.

“I am glad I was able to come today and not only learn some new styles for the season but get some great shoes for little to nothing,” she said

A small fashion presentation was put together by Rozier to showcase diverse winter looks that

can be mixed and matched paired with the perfect Pink Shoe Bag shoe.

The Revived by Rozier brand focuses on versatility and exhibited that through the pieces that were presented.

A supporter of the Revived brand, Caitlyn Jones highlighted some of the benefits of the event.

“I learned that I can transform some of my summer items that I like to wear into fall looks,

and some fun fall colors that are coming out to play this season,” Jones said. 

This the first of a series of live lookbooks that Rozier plans to curate for the season. Each of

which will be hosted at boutiques offering great pricing and phenomenal styles.


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