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Fresh face and passionate, Tallahassee native, Rich, also known by his stage name Richmusicz,  was eager to step into Goldie Sounds Studio and get started on some new music.  

At the tender age of 17, Richmusicz has enjoy rapid success performing at numerous shows in Tallahassee and Atlanta. His SoundCloud features 14 tracks of turn up, singalong sessions in the car.

His new single “Benz” is dropping September 19th and his music video will be out for viewing pleasure Sept. 30.

After only a year of being in the game, Richmusicz, ready to further his success, sat down with Journey Magazine to discuss his new single and music video coming out.

Melissa Pf16687f97f764df181a978dc270e2cc2oux-Williams: Let’s get started. So, how are you? Are you excited to be featured in Journey Magazine? That’s epic for you career.

Rich: Yeah, I’m excited to do this.

M: I have to ask you, when did you get started in rapping? What inspired you to be a rapper?

R: I wouldn’t say I am a rapper…I am an artist. I do both. What really made me start off doing music was the song called ‘Nothing.’ (2016)

M: I peeped, I peeped. (laughs)

R: (laughs) That’s really crazy. The song got over 1,000 plays and people were like you can sing! So, it really started off my career.

M: You classify yourself as an artist, not a rapper. You do a little bit of everything?

R: Yes, an artist, but I’m more on the R&B side.

M: Your new single Benz is coming out. Can you tell us more about that?

R: Benz is the#1 fun song coming out in Tally. We just did a video with 618 Films. He’s done a couple things with Maybach Music.

M: I know exactly who you’re talking about. That’s great!

R: Yeah, we are going to drop the video in two weeks and I just did something with, FAMU’s Flava Station, 90.5.

M: Yeah, I heard that.

R: Yeah, I did a lot of things with them. So, we just really moving on that single Benz. So ye83878191c58f427fb8e0b3fe5abc343dah, it will on Spotify and iTunes.

M: When is that looking to drop?

R: Probably, September 16th, real soon.

M: Along with the single will there be any visuals? Any music video coming to accompany it?

R: The video should be dropping right after the iTunes release and on Spotify and Google Play.

M: Okay, that’s really good! I have another question for you. What is a week in RichMusicz life look like? Like a day in the life of RichMusicz… What is on your to-do list? From the morning to the night, what gets your creative flow going?

R: Um, really, my day in RichMusicz world is basically waking up in the morning praying. Then go to school. I’m still in high school. I’m 17 youngin’ doing this. It’s kind of crazy because my life is different. At my age no one has really been on the radio or travelled. I’ve done shows in Atlanta and Bainbridge, Ga. That life is just crazy. Also in Rich’s world; things I like to do is just like to listen to my producer, Freeky Neek or Camp Honesty Productions. I like being around different producers and just talking. That’s really it. So its school and studio. (laughs)

M: School and the studio, all day long, right?!

R: Right, all day along.

M: Your manager did tell me you gained success quickly, in a year. How was performing in Georgia, in Atlanta? Was the crowd really responsive to you?

R: It was crazy cause, um, my first Atlanta trip show was basically about 500, 600 people in the building. It was a soldout show. I started off singing, which threw everybody off because it was mostly rappers there. So when I first started singing and doing my thing, they were like ‘Oh wow this kid is good he can sing!’ Then I played ‘Benz’ out there and they loved the song.

M: Swerve, Swerve. (laughs) I heard it. I was bumping it. I enjoyed it. I really did enjoy it. I was also scoping out on your Instagram that you have RichMusicz T-Shirts. Is there a link or somewhere people can purchase your T-shirts?

R: Yes, you can get it at PayPal.com/RichMusicz. [Speaking of] the Rich T-shirts, October is breast cancer awareness month. We are coming out with a pink, limited edition Rich T-shirt. We are also going to give back to the community with the proceeds and give some to breast cancer awareness charities.

M: Wow, that’s great. I need to go purchase a shirt! For everyone that wants to follow you and find out more about you; can you tell us what your social media handles are?

R: Instagram: @RichMusicz, YouTube: RichMusicz

M: Everything’s RichMusicz. Nice and Simple

R: Yeah. (laughs) You can also Google search me, I’m like one of first things to pop up.

M: You have really good music and you I can see on your SoundClound that you have a good playlist of songs. Not just 3 or 4.  You’ve been working.

R: I’ve actually released one project. It was actually my first run trial project called Things I Didn’t Know Before. I got that name [because] it was just some things in music I just didn’t know before.

M: That was your EP right?

R: Yea, yea that was the EP.

M: I seen the EP and thought he’s legit! (laughs) I’m really happy to see someone so young, passionate and successful doing their thing.


To hear more music from this budding artist check out his SoundCloud at www.soundcloud.com/richmusicz.

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